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Full Desktop view of Remote Dual-Monitor display

This is taken from your old URL which I don't see being moved to this new location. Here is the URL of the original post:

Radmin  needs to properly support multiple monitors. As it is we have to  implement an unacceptable workaround of launching multiple remote  control sessions in Radmin Viewer, each tied to a specific monitor.

This is NOT acceptable.

Folks,  this is the 21st century and multiple monitors is a way of life for  countless people. Monitors are so much cheaper these days than they used  to be and the number of users with 2 or more monitors has grown  exponentially. Radmin needs to natively support multiple monitors with  no painful and hokey workaround like we have now.

I  find it very disconcerting that the above topic was posted over 2 years  ago and the last response there was from November 2018 which outlined  the above "workaround". Even after almost 2 1/2 years Radmin has chosen  to do nothing about this!!

Please get this done.
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Radmin Club Team
03/26/2021 17:54:55

you can establish several connections in Radmin Viewer and choose a remote monitor for each connection using the following option. Or you want to do smth else, dont you?
03/26/2021 18:50:13
Yes something else. I want Radmin to properly support multiple monitors without having to go through that hokey workaround. That workaround is not true multi-monitor support.

Radmin needs to support multiple monitors just like you get with Remote Desktop. Eg.., a single session from Radmin Viewer that handles multiple monitors.

Radmin Club Team
03/29/2021 18:22:49

The feature you have requested is not implemented yet so we have added your request to our wishlist.
03/29/2021 21:18:30
Hello Famatech,

Thanks but if you looked at the old forum post I provided the link to in my opening post you will see that as I stated this issue was brought up well over 2 years ago.

Why was it not implemented in all that time, nor apparently was it added to the "wishlist" 2 years ago?

In my view this is very basic functionality that should have been in place a long time ago. I am shocked if you are not getting a lot of complaints over this.

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