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Mouse cursor keep jumping on remote computer.

I have used radmin for a while and I have a problem when a remote user is connected at the same time there is a local user. If the local user moves the mouse, the mouse jumps to the cursor position of the remote user in a second or less.

This problem has always existed, but it was never this aggressive. The local user could do something without it immediately jumping back.

Thinking it was mouse judder, I did try changing mice, but it did not help. I noticed that even with the mouse unplugged the issue still occurs. It seems the issue is with Radmin and not the mouse.

This is a Windows 7 64 bit machine and there have not been any known changes to cause the issue, is there any way to stop it from happening?
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Radmin Club Team
12/05/2019 12:10:12

It happens because there 2 cursors: local and remote. You just have to choose other window in the local PC, not a Viewer windows with session.
12/06/2019 19:18:36
What if that is not an option? I was connected to a remote computer,  I forgot to close the remote session then arrived to the previously remote computer, in person only to find that I cannot do anything. If I move the cursor it instantly moves to where it was before. The system is useless. I have to disconnect the network cable or kill the machine to disconnect the connection so I can use the machine again.

The real problem is that it was never this bad. It always jumped, but maybe every few minutes allowing the local machine to be used to at least disconnect, but recently the refresh is happening every second or faster. I have not updated the software or hardware recently so I don't know why the behavior would change.

Either way, I would very much like the remote system not move the cursor, unless it actually moves.

Thank you.
12/16/2019 14:47:17
In the past week the jumping has returned to how it was before or maybe once a minute instead of once a second, meaning the local system can still be use if connected, even if only to disconnect.

Nothing changed on either system so what caused the difference?
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