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Problem of connection

Hello to all,
i have already asked for this problem but i could not solve it, i hope someone can help me.
I currently have three PCs all on the network, a PC with Windows 7, one with Windows 10 and one with Windows 11.
Radmin installed on all PCs and from the PC with windows 10 I can connect to the other PCs but both from windows 7 and from windows 11 I cannot connect to the PC with windows 10 installed Radmin server 3.5.2.

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Radmin Club Team
11/22/2021 13:33:24

Please specify the following:

1. What is the exact error message you are getting?
2. Do you connect to the remote PC over the Internet or inside LAN? Do you use any routers?
3. Can you ping the remote computer?
4. Is the default port 4899 for Radmin open or did you open another port?
5. Is Radmin blocked by an antivirus tool or firewall (including XP built in)?
6. Can you connect using other connection modes such as File Transfer or Text Chat?
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