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Radmin Mirror V3 Driver not signed


I have installed "Radmin Server 3.5.2" in a PC with Windows 7 Ultimate (SP1). I can not connect in control or view mode from Radmin Viewer. Only for transfer files. I have seen that the device "Radmin Mirror V3" is not ok. It is with a yellow traingle exclamation and with code 52 (The driver is not digitally signed). Please, I need help with this problem. How could I resolve it? Thank you.
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Vladislav Shkvarsky
12/27/2021 09:38:56

Please uninstall Radmin, reboot, make sure that all remote controls including RDP and terminal sessions are disabled, reinstall Radmin (make sure that it is the latest version of Radmin from our website) and reboot again.
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