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Radmin Server shows black screen on Windows 10 when lid is closed


I am having a huge problem with radmin server It doesn't render any image when the remote pc lid is closed. I've changed the power settings to ensure that windows does nothing when the lid is closed, however everytime I connect to a lid closed notebook, all I get is a black screen. As soon as I open the lid the server starts rendering images. How do I resolve such an issue?

Any suggestions?
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03/15/2021 15:54:13
The only solution I've found so far that resolves the issue is the following:

1. open device manager
2. in "System devices" find "ACPI lid"
3. Open "ACPI lid" properties, and go to "Driver" tab.
4. Sel ect "Update driver"
5. Choose "Browse my computer for driver software" and "Let me pick.."
   uncheck "Show compatible hardware"
6. And "Manufacturer" sel ect "(Standard system devices)" and model:
   "Volume manager" (yes, "Volume manager")
7. next, next, restart the system and it works!


I couldn't find volume manager, so I used this alternative solution: Changing the "ACPI lid" device driver to Microsoft Basic Display Driver instead and it appears to fix the issue with shutting the lid as well:
  1. Open Device Manager
  2. Expand System Devices
  3. Right-Click ACPI Lid
  4. Click on Properties
  5. Click on Driver
  6. Click on Update Driver
  7. Click on Browse my comptuer for Driver Software
  8. Click on Let me pick fr om a list of available drivers on my computer
  9. Uncheck Show Compatible Hardware
  10. Click on Standard Display Types
  11. Click on Microsoft Basic Display Driver
  12. Hit next, okay, whatever until it's finished

In your device manager this shows as having an error which is fine since you don't want the ACPI Lid device to do what it's doing. As an added benefit, with the Basic Display Driver selected for the ACPI Lid, you can now disable the device which will hopefully keep it fr om updating, repairing, etc. I have no idea what other functions this might disable. Since it's ACPI, it's likely just power savings, but with the lid closed, this driver being non-functional may leave your screen turned on, so you might want to use some type of burn in prevention like a screen saver or screen off.


Nonetheless, I think this shold be addressed by the radmin development team which should send the correct command to ACPI Lid so that it turns on the display even when closed.

Radmin Club Team
03/16/2021 15:41:27

Thank you for this information.
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