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Radmin Viewer interface overview

Here is the Radmin Viewer control panel:


1a.JPG  - To send control buttons combinations to the Remote PC like Ctrl + Alt + Del or else, use these two buttons. Also, you can look up new Control buttons combinations for remote PC in Display Options -> Remote Screen Options.

By default Ctrl+Alt+Del is Ctrl+Alt+F12

1b.JPG - to copy and paste information between remote and local PC use these two buttons

Remote desktop view modes:

1c.JPG - separate window view, the right one is to stretch remote desktop to the window size

1d.JPG - full-screen mode, right button to stretch remote desktop to the full screen

Increase speed:

You can adjust the color depth to get a connection with a higher speed . Go to "Display Options -> General Options"


If you have any questions - ask in the comments.

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