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Radmin Viewer Wine Keyboard Layout Issues

Hello RC-Community,

i've got some issues with my Keyboard Layout for using Radmin via Wine:
Installed Versions:
-Radmin Viewer 3.5.2

-wine 4.0
-Linux Mint 19.1  Tessa (Cinnamon)

My Keyboard Layout is german : de_DE

Starting Radmin with Wine in the first place works flawless, also the layout is correct. BUT, as soon as i establish a connection to a RadminServer-PC, the Layout isnt the same.

This means the Remote-PC wont get the right information somehow, even with the same layout installed there.

Maybe u can help me,



Solved it in another way, i created a Keyboard-Layout with the LayoutCreator(Microsoft) and bypassed most keyissues this way.
Ofcourse this is a dirty solution, since i have to switch around for Windows/Linux-Clients, but i couldnt find any other solution.
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Radmin Club Team
05/13/2019 14:23:16

Your problem is forwarded to testing team. We`ll contact you as soon as we get response.
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