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username password problem

I have desktop at home that i want to link to a server at work. I succesfully link to the group with the group with the group id and password, but on trying to open the server on my computer am i requested to enter a username and password. Our network technician does not now how te resolve the matter.

My home pc(windows 7) is a standalone and does not have the same operating system and is not part of the work group(a 365 ms  account) (windows 10).

I know this "mirror aligment" may be ideal, but certainly with today's online flexibility must there be a way to connect still. Hope there is some person that can assist...please...

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Radmin Club Team
02/12/2021 10:44:36

You need to enter a full PC name and domain to enter. Or you can use Radmin Security in Radmin Server settings instead of windows NT and use Radmin Server user login and password to enter. This user can be also added in Radmin Server settings.
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