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Windows 10 with multiple users

RAdmin has worked well at a site with two computers: a Windows 7 computer, and a Windows 10 computer.

Then I upgraded the Windows 7 computer to Windows 10 and now RAdmin server will connect but access always fails with a password error. Yet the other computer with 10 has always just worked. Downloaded and installed the latest RAdmin server and viewer but that didn't help.

What might be responsible is that the first computer has 4 user accounts (logins). That always worked with Windows 7. Connect with RAdmin name and password, and then login to one of the 4 user accounts. The other Windows 10 computer only has a single user account.

Any ideas on how to get this working? I opened a ticket but haven't heard anything yet as this is the weekend. I need to get this going as the bookkeeper needs access.
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Radmin Club Team
12/21/2020 13:51:56

If you use Windows NT security (Radmin Server settings - Permissions), you need to delete current used on this problematic PC and create them again.
12/21/2020 17:58:01
I'm only using RAdmin security.

However, the problem has now gone away.

Before, I had tried from two different Windows 7 computers with no success. Then recently I tried from a Windows 10 computer and it worked. Went back to one of the Windows 7 computers, it now it works too.

I have no idea why it is now working when before I had tried restarting Windows on both ends, and deleting and adding users in RAdmin server several times.
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