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Wireless remote PC hanging up during connection; ethernet connection works fine

I connect to 3 PC's (all Windows 10) that are all on the same remote router/LAN. One is connected directly to the router via ethernet and works perfectly. About a year ago the other 2, both of which are connected wirelessly, stopped connecting for both Remote Viewing and Full Control (connection hangs up) but they both connect fine for Radmin File Transfer. I am unable to connect the two problem PCs to the router via ethernet cable - they must remain wireless.
All 3 PC's are using Radmin version 3.5.2.
I would appreciate any help.
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04/07/2022 12:08:13
Hello. How exactly does the connection freeze? At first, control is available, but after a while it freezes? in this case, check the quality of the connection and the distance to the access point, the wireless connection itself is less reliable and often slower. Try lowering the image quality and fps in the radmin viewer connection settings
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