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Looking for a partner or team to play? Leave a comment with your Network name and password or find one in the comments below. Register ( and mention: Game name Network name Password Language if it's not English You can also find interesting:         ( for Radmin VPN networks' admin (       How I can change...
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Incredible attention to details in video games

  In GTA V stars are less visible in the city.    In Red Dead Redemption 2 you can meet a man who has fallen from a horse.  If you decide to take him to a hospital his arm will be cut off. And a few days later you can find this man hanged for the murder of a woman, that mocked his arm disability.    If you will zoom in on spider man in the game by Insomniac you can actually see how his face mask covers body costume.    If you lighten the Lucifer in the Lucius you can see the shadows of his horns...
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Borderlands 1&2. How to play in LAN with Radmin VPN

  This guide I hope will help you to play with friends in Radmin VPN network. This is more on the game set up, not the software. I believe that software set up is pretty easy and it's hard to do something wrong.  So let's begin: 1. Make sure you have the same version of the Borderlands game! 2. Download ( and install Radmin VPN 3. Create a network and share network name and password with people you want to play with.  In the Borderlands...
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Gamers of Elite Dangerous explored only 0.036% of the galaxy!

The developers of the cosmos simulator tweeted about it:   In November 2018 the gamer with nickname Deluvian Reyes Cruz tried to reach an end of the Galaxy, but due to a lack of fuel, he stuck in the cosmic wasteland. In January 2019 Fuel rats ( group decided to save Deluvian . Only on February 23rd the group managed to find and give fuel to the lost gamer.  The rescue took 5 fuel ships, 2,5 thousands tonnes of fuel and around 600 hours of real time.  Zak Zik
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Saints Row 2 LAN How to Play with friends - Video

hey there, Here is a quick tutorial on how to play online,  I've created this network - join me! // [CUT] Network: saintsrowkillers password: saintsrowkillers legoman kas
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Minecraft play in LAN

This one is from gamepedia, Worked for me!   Setup: 1.       Install Radmin VPN ( 2.       Create your Network by pushing a button "Create Network". No registration needed3.       Get your friends to join your network. To do it they need to know Name of the network and password Here is also a guide ( on how to create and manage the network.  How to host a LAN game: 1.       Open a single player...