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Software Radmin VPN

How to get 5 lifetime Radmin licenses for free?

Radmin ( (not to be confused with Radmin VPN) - is a professional remote control software that allows you to access a  remote PC, including text chat and voice chat features and many more. Also, Radmin license enables chat function,...
Software Radmin

Radmin 3 and Windows 10 compatibility (black screen)

After updating to Windows 10 some users faced a problem with Radmin usage, usually, it was a black screen on the remote computer after connection.                                     There is a new version Radmin ( on our website that provides stable work ...
Software Radmin

The best way to add 1000 computers at once

That may seem that in Radmin you have to add all the computers into network manually.   But we developed a script that will do it automatically. Here is how to implement it: Go to (,  download and install ...
Software Radmin

Совместимость Radmin 3 и Windows 10 (черный экран)

После обновления до Windows 10 некоторые пользователи столкнулись с проблемой при использовании Radmin . Чаще всего проблема проявлялась в виде черного экрана при подключении к компьютеру с Radmin Server.   Сейчас  на нашем сайте доступна версия ...
Software Radmin

How to run Radmin Viewer using Wine

Radmin has a platinum rating ( for Wine that means that it will be installed and run flawlessly in out-of-the-box Wine.  How to launch any application using Wine:    Getting Started ...
Software Radmin

Radmin: How to establish a connection outside of LAN

  1. Download Radmin Server 3 ( and install it on the remote computer. A remote computer is the one you want to get access to via Radmin.  2. Download Radmin Viewer 3 (
Software Radmin VPN

The contest is complete!

  Thank you all for the participation and congratulation on your brand new 5 Radmin licenses) Here are the winners: Kraken Tyson, who submitted 3 guides and got 15 licenses! Zak Zik legoman kas Triplorian lab52 Jeroen Westerbreek We've already sent you licenses - please check your mailboxes. If you haven't received them - please ...
Software Radmin


  If there is a Radmin for MAC/IPhone/Linux/Android? Unfortunately, there is no version for MAC. And only Radmin Viewer is available on Linux (using Wine). I see INVALID! In License information. You need to remove this registry branch and reactivate Radmin: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Radmin\v3....
Software Radmin


Hi and welcome to Radmin Club,     Thank you for checking out our new project!     We’ve created this community to become a modern center of gravity for IT pros and encourage you to:  ·    ask questions and find answers ...
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Radmin Recorder and frequency getting the sound

Dear Everybody, I used Radmin for Client and Server, I have a question want to clarify. 1. Can Radmin allow or control to get the sound on the frequency of 10KHz-2MHz? 2. Can Radmin auto record screen or (recorder the sound) when discovered the sound or signal of the sound ...