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how to play terraria with your friends! [FIXED TUTORIAL]


today I will show you how to make a server for game terraria for our friends,

the first step will install vpn radmin, which you can download

1. create a new network
Adnotacja 2019-06-04 164422.png  

Adnotacja 2019-06-04 164539.png

2. invite friends to the network by entering the password for our network

3. outside the firewall, because it can block the connection with our friends and will not join us in the game

Adnotacja 2019-06-04 164957.png


4. okay now open the game terraria  

5.  host&play

Terraria Screenshot 2019.06.04 -

6.  disable steam multiplayer

Terraria Screenshot 2019.06.04 -

7.  now let my friend copy ip with vpn radmin vpn or give it to him

8.  so that your friend can join you, let him paste your ip here
Terraria Screenshot 2019.06.04 -

Terraria Screenshot 2019.06.04 -
9. now you can play with your friends, :)
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