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Warcraft LAN How to play with friends

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Setup Radmin VPN:

1.       Install Radmin VPN

2.       Create your Network by pushing a button "Create Network". No registration needed. Or you can use Public networks, disregard next step if so

3.       Get your friends to join your network. To do it they need to know Name of the network and password

Here is also a guide on how to create and manage the network.

configuring game itself:

Go to the main menu then click on LAN.

To host:

Put in player's name in English --> Create game


Choose any map, then go New game

Now you need everybody to join.

To join:

Launch Lancraft and in the loading window enter host's IP number from Radmin VPN instead of


To get host's IP number you can copy it straight from the program:

copy IP address.png

Then launch Warcraft -> LAN there you should see the game that host created.

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07/05/2019 17:40:52
ahhh warcraft 3 my memories
07/17/2019 11:43:44
You actually don't need all these Windows actions. You just join the same Radmin VPN network and use Lancraft after it. It will work fine. Also need to check ingame settings and set the same port as in Lancraft.
08/30/2019 12:58:37
Warcraft Radmin VPN Discord server  
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