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Why and how to create a post

Why create a post:

1)      Share your wisdom and tips and tricks for the IT community all over the world. If you had a problem and solved it, even if it was a small thing – a lot of people need your wisdom

2)      Get help. Describe your problem and get a solution form the wide IT community and our tech support as well

3)      If you have some IT-related experience that you find interesting funny or useful:

  • What micro-innovation did you invent

  • How have you passed or did not pass an interview in the international company

  • New useful tools for IT specialist

How to create a post:

Make sure that you familiar with our Community rules

A post should have a clear title, a picture is desirable

1. You need to register

2. Click “New post” on the top of any page (check How to choose a hub)

new post.JPG



How to choose a hub

Press “Continue”

Or, if you already inside the hub you can click “New message”

new message.JPG

And the hub will be pre-installed

While creating the post:

1. How to attach a picture. With a picture, your post will be more visible and more people will come to see it.

Click “Upload files” below the text box

upload files.JPG

Drag and drop them or select on the computer

upload file section.JPG

Once you want to insert the picture in the text, click on the picture shortcut below the text box.

picture shortcut.JPG

The picture will be inserted where the cursor is.

If you want to put some of the text under a cut. You need to press scissors icon on the taskbar.


All the text under the cursor will be hidden under the cut.

There is a “BB code” option if you want to edit the code.


And you want to put some tags under the post if you want more people to see it.

A good choice will be:

  • the main point of the post or short version of the title

  • software your post  relates to

  • what hub you're posting in

The post can be post-moderated to comply with community rules and general post visibilty - can be added some spaces and tags.

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