Borderlands 3 coop in LAN how to play

Software setup to play in LAN

  1. Install Radmin VPN
  2. Create your Network by clicking on a "Create Network". Set up Network name and Password
  3. Share network name and password with your friends.
  4. Your friends need to join your network by clicking on a "Join Network" in Radmin VPN.
  5. Make sure that you all are in the same Radmin VPN network and have the same Borderlands version.

Here is also a guide on how to create and manage the network.

How to host Borderlands 3 server

  1. Start a game as usual
  2. Go to privacy settings and choose "LAN"
  3. Wait your friends to join

How to join the server

  1. In the game's Main Menu choose "Social" (to get to the main menu press ECS)
  2. Choose the icon on the right, called "LAN browser"
  3. There you should see Host's server

How to find co-players

If you want to find people with who you want to play, you can:

  1. Go to Radmin VPN - Join Network 
  2. There got to Gaming network tab and type in "Borderlands 3"
  3. Choose a network with preferred language and click Join
  4. Follow the "How to join the server" part 

Also Radmin VPN has a Discor server to look for co-players and here are Borderlands channels:

Borderlands 3 English
Borderlands 3 Russian
Borderlands 2

Choose language

English Русский Português