Call of Duty World at War how to set up co-op in LAN

This guide describes how to set up game in Call of Duty World at War to play in LAN. This guide is for Steam or non-Steam versions. Also I've add some tips and tricks and info on how to find teammates to play.

General setup

Settings for all players - who hosts and who joins
1. Make sure you all have the same version of the 7 Days to Die game
2. Download and install Radmin VPN
3. Create a network and share network name and password with people you want to play with. This is quite intuitive, but if you're facing some issues or want to know more about Radmin VPN network administration here is the guide.

In the game go to Options & Controls -> Cooperative options -> Set up Players Name there. This is your name that will be displayed in LAN games

How to set up Call Of Duty server for coop

  1. Main menu -> Cooperative


  2. Host LAN -> Game setup
  3. Here set up Server name and game mode
  4. You can set up other settings if you want to or just press OK
  5. Share with you friends your server name and password (if you set password)
  6. Wait for them to join - they will appear in the top right corner of the LAN LOBBY menu

  7. Press START MATCH
  8. If your friend can't join your server - please check Troubleshooting section

How to join coop server

    1. Make sure you've followed all the steps from the Setup section
    2. From the Main menu go to Cooperative -> Host LAN -> Find Game
    3. Check that the on the top Game source set to "LAN" and Game mode to "All"
    4. If you can't see any games check Troubleshooting section

How to find teammates

There are a lot of communities round Radmin VPN initiated by users or Radmin VPN itself:

English server

Server Name: Nazi Zombies 666
Password: Zombie666

Spanish server

NOMBRE: uncod

Latino America server

Radmin VPN Discord Server

Radmin VPN gaming networks

Radmin VPN has a lot of Call of Duty networks to find teammates


  1. If it doesn't work for you - try to use LAN fix for Call of duty
  2. If you're getting some errors in Radmin VPN here are the solutions to most of them
  3. make sure you all have the same game version
  4. make sure you did all the steps in the instruction above
  5. try to turn off firewall, if it helped - add the game to the firewall exceptions:
    • Click "Start" then "Connections" then "show all connections"
    • Double-click your Internet connection, and then click "Properties", then "Advanced", then "Settings ..." (Windows firewall), then click "Exceptions
    • You must have the game files listed as exceptions. To do so, via the "exceptions" menu, click on "Add a Program", double-click on the game.

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