Dead Space 3 LAN muptiplayer

dead space cover.PNG
To play with others Dead Space 3 you need to set up LAN with Radmin VPN program and the game itself. It won't tk long - just follow these simple steps.

Radmin VPN setup

  1. Download Radmin VPN
  2. In Radmin VPN go to
    Network -> Join existing network -> Gaming network tab
    or you can create your own private network and invite your teammates
    dead space radmin vpn gaming network.png
  3. Make sure Radmin VPN will work smoothly by setting up your firewall

Dead Space 3 setup

How to host the game

  1. Press “Load game”
    dead space load game.PNG
  2. Autosaved enabled – “Ok”
  3. Co-op campaign
    dead space co-op campaign.PNG

Choose language

English Русский Português