Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne how set up multiplayer

If you want to play with your teammates on your own local server in Warcraft III: The Frozen throne - this article is for you.

Setup for everybody to use multiplayer mode

  1. make sure you have the same Warcraft III The Frozen Throne version 
  2. everybody needs to download Radmin VPN 
  3. everyone must be in the same Radmin VPN network - private or gaming

How to create Warcraft the Frozen Throne server

  1. to play online with your teammates go to "Local Area Network" in the main menu
  2. type in a player's name and press "Create game"
  3. select the map you want to play on and press "Create game"
  4. wait till your teammates will join the game

How to join the Warcraft the Frozen Throne server

  1. make sure that you've done all steps in Setup section of this article
  2. download Lancaft . Lancraft is a smaal program that provides you ability to join servers on Warcraft by IP
  3. run Lanraft.exe file and instead if put in host's IP v4 from Radmin VPN. To get host's IP right-click in their nickname in your joint network and copy IPv4
  4. run Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne and go to "Local Area Netrwork"
  5. wait until it connects
  6. you should see host's game in the list - click on it and enjoy the game together!

How to find partners

Gaming networks Radmin VPN. 

Go in Radmin VPN -> Join Network -> Gaming network and type in search the game name

Radmin VPN discord server

Discord server - find partners and Warcraft sections


  1. make sure you all have the same game version
  2. make sure you did all the steps in the instruction above
  3. try to turn off firewall, if it helped - add the game to the firewall exceptions:
    • Click "Start" then "Connections" then "show all connections"
    • Double-click your Internet connection, and then click "Properties", then "Advanced", then "Settings ..." (Windows firewall), then click "Exceptions

      You must have the file "War3" and the file "Warcraft III" listed as exceptions
    • To do so, via the "exceptions" menu, click on "Add a Program", double-click on Warcraft III if it is not already in the list of exceptions.
    • Next click on "browse", then look after the directory where you installed open the folder and double-click the file "War3" then "OK".

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