Arma III how to play multipayer online in LAN with Radmin VPN


  1. Install Radmin VPN
  2. Create your Network by clicking on a "Create Network". Set up Network name and Password
  3. Share network name and password with your friends. 
  4. Your friends need to join your network by clicking on a "Join Network" in Radmin VPN.
  5. Make sure that you all are in the same Radmin VPN network, have the same Minecraft version.

Here is also a guide on how to create and manage the network.

How to host Arma III server for coop

  1. In the game go to Multiplayer -> Server browser
  2. Change setting from Internet to LAN
  3. Click host servers
  4. Name your server and make sure, that LAN option is selected
  5. Then press Host Server. 
  6. On the next screen choose MAP, Match type etc. And press Play in the bottom right corner 

How to join Arma III multiplayer server

  1. In the game go to Multiplayer -> Server browser

  2. Choose the server you want to join

How to find teammates online

Official Radmin discord server

Servers with Radmin VPN Arma III users:


If you can't see servers in the game:

  1. Check that you are in the same Radmin VPN network,
  2. Check, that you use the same game verion
  3. Try to connect directly to host's IP (Radmin VPN IP) in the game
  4. Try to shut down firewall and connect without it

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