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A repo for mac address vendors update

Hi, a lot of manufacturers were missing during my scans so I have updated the mac list and I share it with you :

++ !
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SacredOnlineCommunity into RadminVPN

I have installed RadminVPN and I would like to play sacred online is it possible?
How you do it ?
Can you tell me step by step? Thank you.
Software Radmin VPN

retrieve VPN Network

Hi, I had created one VPN network which is lost after format of system. I want to get that network back. Can anyone suggest how. I have registry filed backed up.

Thanks & Regards
Software Radmin VPN

Connecting forever

When i press the power button it keep saying connecting and not connect to network
Before that i reset the adapter(my adapter) then the "connecting forever" happen
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estou tentando jogar lan dying light e eu não acho a partida do meu amigo mesmo estando conectado na rede do radmin, ja joguei lan dying light pelo radmin uma vez e esses dias fui jogar novamente e não encontra  a partida dele e nem ele a minha
Software Radmin

Radmin Mirror V3 Driver not signed


I have installed "Radmin Server 3.5.2" in a PC with Windows 7 Ultimate (SP1). I can not connect in control or view mode from Radmin Viewer. Only for transfer files. I have seen that the device "Radmin Mirror V3" is not ok. It is with a yellow traingle exclamation and with code 52 (The driver is not digitally signed). Please, I need help with this problem. How could I resolve it? Thank you.
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