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Software Advanced IP Scanner

Desktop showing two different IP's, MAC and MFG name.

my desktop is showing two different IPs, macs and mfg name after scan.  Why is this pls?
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Is it Swedish AA real-time 3D strategy with present graphic and unique mechanism.

You can play this strategy with 3 fractions 1) USA 2) EU (European union) and 3) SSSR (Russian Federation)
Note: USA and EU use the same weapons

What is this for game, about how improve game and generaly play game in advance you can read here:
Example video from game to have imagine about game you can see here:



A) For play online in all 3 cases u need base game (If you havent base game use link for download below), if you earlier bought game in Steam you can use this version. (Game is not longer available for buy in Steam, but is still suported for download, without suport original multiplayer).  
If you have not game in Steam u can use certainly your CD box original game or any other version in game available on internet.
Alternatively provide own hosted GAME archive for you to DOWNLOAD on link below, please note this does not have the Soviet Assault Expansion, if you want that then buy the game.
On www page above click by mouse on: ,,,World in Conflict - Sierra edition, English Only (4.2 GB),,, and downlaod game start.

NOTE: Steam version of game not support GAERANGER. So you cant play with Steam version of game in Gameranger.
NOTE2: If you have GOG Version of game on www below carefuly read about install your game:

IMPORTANT: Game for play online in all 3 cases need be in version 1.011 (Who have game bought in Steam his game already is version 1.011). The all GOG version have also vesion 1.011. Check which version you have is easily, simply start game and in main menu of game you can see version of game.
If your game is not in version 1.011 and is 1.010 or even 1.000, you have to downlaod patch to game here:

B) If you havent CD key u can get one here:

C) For play online you need also complete Mappack because many players in all 3 cases use this additional maps. You can download the mamapck with mutiplayer online fix together,
or as me download map pack separately:

How Mappack install:
After download, extract the .zip file and place the <mapname>.sdf files in your
"C:\Users\*username*\Documents\World in Conflict\Downloaded\maps"
folder. If this folder does not exist, create it

D) If you use multipalyer fix (download on page below),
start game via file wic_online.exe which is main folder of game.


For play singleplayer and multipalyer in Gameranger and Radmin you can also start game via ,,wic.exe,,.
Note2: If you did icon on desctop from file  ,,wic.exe,,, and game not work in main menu properly so fix it by right mouse button click on the icon and choose there in options tab: ,,Properties,,, and then click on ,,Compatibility,, and there tick turn off optimalization of screen. And clisk ,,Use,,, and then ,,OK,,. After game work perfectly. Im tested on Win 10.
Also you can turn off the intro video when you start the game by command     -nointro -console     ,which u can add in your shortcut desctop icon.
Example target of your shortcut should now look like this:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Sierra Entertainment\World in Conflict\wic.exe" -nointro -console
When done editing the shortcut, click OK. Then start World in Conflict from that shortcut).



World in conflict - Soviet assault comMunity






Support are all versions of game. Complete guide how to use and install multipalyer fix for all kind of games World in Conflict on www below:

Game have NOT original servers ON several years, but are still funs of the game which dont let the game die, and did own multipalyerr fix, which are possible to play online on real servers. Online system support all like in original game, its mean ranking system, clan wars, creating clan in multiplayer menu, making own profiles in online game, add friends to friends list directly in game and so on.

Download Multipalyer fix developed to you in two posibilities, with additional maps and without:
If you choose download multipalyer fix without mapapck as me, you can downlaod the whole mappack separately here:

After you install game and have version 1.011, you HAVE TO copied all multiplayer fix to main folder of game.
The most common ways to copied the Online mutiplayer fix files:
In Steam:
Any HDD,SSD\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\World in Conflict
Any other versions:
Any HDD,SSD/any folder - usualy Program Files (x86)\Sierra Entertainment\World in Conflict
Any HDD,SSD/any folder - usualy Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\World in Conflict

Start game via file ,,,wic_online.exe,,,  which is main folder of game.

Game will start and in main menu will ask for registration and email. Important know if you have Russian IP you will not (only in some case) able to register multiplayer account. If hapened, you can fix it very easily. Turn on any your instaled VPN program (or use any other your favorite way) with any foreign ip, and turn on World in conflict game and make registration. All work. After registraion you will not never need use your VPN program again. Acces to fun mutplayers servers you will have complete, and not need any VPN to turn on in future if you will want play World in conflict online game.

How look multipalyer Online fix menu in game you can see on video:




If you already uset Possibility 1 its mean ,,Online fix,,, you can also use play via Radmin VPN via LAN any version your game with game version 1.011.

A) Radmin download:

B) After install Radmin restart PC (strongly recommended even you think program work normaly). Restart PC after install Radmin - You need to do only 1 time.

C) Turn on Radmin and go to in menu ,,Network,, then ,,Conenct to network,, and then choose ,,Gaming Network,,. And in gaming network search public network rooms CALLED EXACTLY:

World in Conflict: Soviet Assault
World in Conflict

And join them both.

Then start game World in conflict, go LAN in multiplayer menu and create or join server.

Click on this network/s and join. (If there will not accidentally there in future this public network/s create your own private network and post your network name and password in Radmin club pages: or on your other favorite page/s).

Its public network/s in Radmin hence no need pasword. Such you recognize in Radmin always public networks, because private networks have always pasword.

You can also as Im said above create your own private network in Radmin, but this network will not public visible. Only your friends or community which you give pasword and name of network will able join. Radmin recognizing small and big letters in names of network/s. So be carefuly if you giving someone name of your network, you have to tell exacly name of such private network.

You can also open ports for Radmin if connection issue. Use your favorite search page example Google, and find it (i have seen there such www pages). Excample such -

In Radmin is also possible host Worrld in conflict dedicated server.
More information and downlaod him here:




If you already uset Possibility 1 its mean ,,Online fix,,, you can also use play via Gameranger via LAN any version your game with game version 1.011.

A) Downlaod gaming program called Gameranger

B) Register in Gameranger

If you lost password, and email will not available which you used during registration, you will lost your nickname in Gameranger. Only one email can be added to one Gameranger nickname. So if you will creating your second Gameranger acount you have to use another email then you used in past when you had first your account registration.

C) Go Gameranger and look for server of games you have instaled. Server/s Word in Conflict: Soviet Assault will appeared (if someone created before).

If you dont see any server in game it can be from two reasons.
1) Try check if your game is assigned to your game exe. If you have game instaled unusualy way and Gameranger not see your exe from game, you have to add it by hand in menu of Gameranger.
2) You have not opened ports for Gameranger
So open them in your router.
If you dont know how, try on this page below find exactly, in ideal case, or similar model of router you have and try analize how to do.
Also open ports like is on this guide:
3) If you did both steps and still you cant host game in Gameranger try  after instal this program, add Gameranger to list of start programs in this program. Connect to fake IP and start via program Hide All Ip your Gameranger and create you hosting network game room or join gamne room in Gameranger. After install Hide All Ip, work this program only 2 days. So ask internet what to do.

D) Simply if you see server double click on his name and join room. And then click on join. Or cre ate   server room and wait for players.

If creator of this Word in Conflict: Soviet Assault Gameranger network room start game, your game will also start, and automaticly you will navigate to game server and automaticly connecting. If you are creator network room in Gameranger all people who want to play joining your room, and play game.

In Gameranger from differ of Radmin you can in menu of game see always only one server, directly this server you are joined the room in Gamranger. So there is not possible somethink like it was in Tunngle (if you early used this program) or like is in Radmin to see many server directly of menu game.

In Gameranger is also possible host Worrld in conflict dedicated server.
More information and downlaod him here:





1)Easy install, no registration need, join game/s or host games. Thats all.

2) Radmin in most cases of users dont need to portforwarding or doing nothing to see each other in Radmin network.

3) You can see many servers (if someone created) in game room like it was earlier if game had original servers on.

4) In Radmin you can change nick name in network as many times you want.

5) Radmin support almost 100% games using LAN support in worldwide. Its mean also the newest LAN supported games.

Radmin have not any social network in free version of Radmin, its simply bad. With those who want you comunicate directly in Radmin network have to use Radmin server program.
So if you want to comunicate with Radmin users you have to know him/her/them from any other social network, or from common life and comunicate with him/her/them, to coordinate play.

Is one way how to fix it. Istall Radmin Server. Its Radmin payed product and because of him is possible to keep alive for free Radmin VPN which we players using. If you install Radmin Server, which is prioritly created for Remote PC (like TeamViewer, AnyDesk etc.), can strangers from Radmin VPN network contact you via chat or even voice chat message. All depend how you set in your Radmin Server options. In menu of Radmin Server you can tick this function that people from Radmin VPN can sent you chat message/s or do even voice message or did both from Radmin VPN. Nobody will able to do nothing other then only chat or call or both, to you from Radmin VPN, if you not allow it in options menu of Radmin Server..
Download here:
How to do:
If you have Radmin Server instaled, and your radmin VPN is on, and you joined some network in Radmin VPN wh ere are someone who have Radmin Server instaled, you can click on his/her/ Radmin ip by right mouse click and in menu which will appared, you can choose chat or voice message which you can use.



1) Have social network including (chat, add friends in Gameranger menu and so on).
Its mean u can add friends (in free version of Gameranger only 50), and chat with them. Gameranger suport microphone in room which you create.

2 In no payed version of Gamranger you cant change nick name. For change nick name in free version of Gameranger is necessary always do new registration in Gameranger.

3) More probability then in Radmin, that you will have encounter with any named problems above with conecting or hosting.

4) In Gameranger are suported only old games.


What is for both balanced:
1) Gameranger and Radmin have similar possibility to crash program. its not big problem, because it no happening often. But happening.....
2) Ping equal. Someone have better in Radmin and someone in Gameranger.

Play World in Conflict with Online fix and with some cases when you need to play another way, play in Radmin and in Gameranger too. Your ping and friends will finaly decide wh ere you will finaly play often.


If in future will accidental die programs like Gameranger or Radmin and the Online fix community support also, use certainly any other VPN which working. The are many. Example Hamachi.


See you on battlefield:)
Software Radmin

Suggestion for new functionality: Radmin native game status in the rooms

It would be interesting if Radmin had a game status like Discord and showed which game people in the room are playing, this would make it easier to find groups to play in.
Software Advanced Port Scanner

Open source Advanced Port Scanner

First of all I would like to thank the creator of🚀 Advanced Port Scanner for creating such an amazing piece of software.

This software is ❤️. It has made life so much easier. I was intrigued by how and using what technologies it was made with,
and this had sparked my interest into programming world.

Whoever created these suite of softwares deserves more praise and needs to come out publicly.

Last but not least, please if possible make it open-source as it is great learning material and as it is already free it would grow more rapidly with community contributions.

Thank You ❤️
Software Radmin

Failure to Receive Activation Key for Radmin (Remote Administrator) 3.5

Dear Radmin Support Team,

I am reaching out to you regarding an issue I have encountered with my recent purchase; the Standard License for Radmin (Remote Administrator) 3.5.

Purchase details are as follows;

I have successfully completed the payment process for this software, however, I am still yet to receive the activation key.

To facilitate smooth operation, the key is crucial and its absence is causing significant interruptions to the process for which the software was intended. It is also leading to the loss of valuable time that was top be put to productive use.

Your quick attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to contact me for any additional information that you may need to expedite this process.

I trust that this mishap is merely an oversight and not reflective of your usually reliable customer service. Anticipating a prompt resolution to this concern.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Kind Regards
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Penalty Shoot Out Jogo Online

Quando o esporte encontra a ciência: caminhos inexplorados para o pico do sucesso

O mundo do esporte sempre esteve ligado à busca incessante pela excelência. Cada centésimo de segundo, cada pequeno movimento e a mais minúscula margem de erro podem fazer a diferença entre a vitória e a derrota. Nesse contexto, a ciência surge como a aliada perfeita, oferecendo métodos e conhecimentos que podem levar os atletas a patamares nunca antes imaginados.

O papel da ciência no esporte
A integração da ciência no esporte não é algo novo. Seja através da biomecânica, nutrição esportiva ou mesmo da psicologia, os pesquisadores têm contribuído de forma significativa para melhorar o desempenho dos atletas. A análise de dados, por exemplo, pode prever tendências, identificar pontos fracos e fortes de um adversário e até mesmo personalizar treinamentos para cada atleta.

Inovações tecnológicas e sua influência
A tecnologia tem sido uma grande protagonista nessa integração. Seja em roupas que reduzem o arrasto, em tênis que otimizam a performance ou em equipamentos de treinamento de última geração, a inovação está em todos os lugares.

Penalty Shoot Out: Onde o esporte e o entretenimento se encontram
Mas não é apenas no campo tradicional do esporte que a ciência e a inovação fazem sua aparição. Tomemos como exemplo ""Penalty Shoot Out"", um jogo criado pela Evoplay em 2020. Essa é uma forma única de homenagear as penalidades do futebol em um formato de jogo de cassino. Os fãs de futebol podem experimentar o jogo em sua versão demo no site oficial da Evoplay, provando que o esporte pode ser adaptado de maneiras inovadoras e divertidas. ""Penalty Shoot Out"" oferece diferentes níveis de dificuldade e recompensas com base no desempenho do jogador, tornando-se um excelente exemplo de como o esporte pode se transformar quando se encontra com o mundo digital e a ciência. Para aqueles que desejam se aprofundar ainda mais neste tópico, convidamos a ""Ler online"" e descobrir as maravilhas dessa união.

A fusão entre esporte e ciência é uma jornada em constante evolução. A cada dia, novos métodos, tecnologias e conhecimentos são integrados com o objetivo de levar os atletas a novos patamares. E, como visto em exemplos como ""Penalty Shoot Out"", essa integração não se limita apenas ao campo ou à pista, mas também se estende ao mundo do entretenimento, mostrando que as possibilidades são realmente infinitas. Espero que esta seja uma base sólida para o que você estava procurando!
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