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Remote pointer shape and windows 10 1809

It was reported on old forum, but still there is no answer - what about proper work of remote pointer shape ("cursor" as some people name it incorrectly)? Since 1809 update, Radmin is no logner fully compatible with win10 - pointer shape not change at all, so user cannot see if he is copying files or moving them, is he used resize function or drag, in graphics software it is even worse - total disaster.

5 months without path - is it some kind of record?
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Save Network Configuration

Hello, I want to use same network configuration in RADMIN VPN when reinstal, so my network not lose.
i use RADMIN VPN for alternated LOGMEIN HAMACHI that i use today, Hamachi using TRANSFER OWNERSHIP for save our network created.  Thanks
Software Radmin VPN

error 1612

Я хотел переустановить Radmin vpn, удалить и запустить установку, а затем эта установка не заканчивается и пишет ошибку 1612 для решения
Software Radmin VPN

File shares from server not accessible

I have the RAdmin-VPN installed on a windows server 2016 and several laptops running windows 10.  last night the shares were accessible as usual, but this morning they are not.  People on the lan can still access the server correctly, but users on the vpn can't access shares.

Everything looks normal on all machines, nothing has changed related to the server or firewall, nor has the server been restarted or had updates installed last night.

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5 bad system administrators' habits


This article is more for new birds on the dusty IT field rather than for experts.

This text supposed to increase overall professionalism in the industry. Due to my work specifics, I’ve inherited all kinds of cloud-based hell, which I’m cleaning up, optimizing, making beautifully transparent.

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Water Cooler Gaming


Eh notado que existe una gran dificultad a la hora de encontrar gente para jugar CoD WaW Zombies cuando no tienes amigos zombers, es por tal razón que estoy creando esta red de Radmin con el propósito de crear un punto de reunión para organizar partidas con gente de habla española y enfocada en la región latinoamericana (por cuestiones en calidad de ping).  

Contraseña: 22446688

Les anexo un documento con los enlaces de descarga de la lista de customs maps que recopilé de sitios web de la comunidad zombie. (Enfocado a CoD WaW)

Espero poder encontrar gente con quien jugar, Soy de México.