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Alt+L combination coes couse remotly controled PC (with windows 7) to logout, jusl like win+L combination

Hi. Like in the post title - is there a way to change the shourtcut? I really need alt+L conbinations since it's quite common letter in my native language, but I'm unable tu use it. Radmin reads alt+L conbination like win+L and all I get is a logout screen.
Best regards!
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Radmin VPN delay too high

Radmin VPN delay too high     Can you provide a self built server
Software Radmin

radmin client portable 64X

Please compile Radmin Client portable to 64x, because Wine under MAC-OS catalina support only 64x windows applications.
Software Radmin

Como conversar?

Como faço pra conversar com algum amigo?
Pede usuário e senha, mas não sei de onde.
Ajudem, por favor!!!
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Permanently Relay connection


Is there a way that I can always have a relay connection through Radmin VPN?

For a reason that I couldn't possibly find, when my connection to the other PC is green (UDP/NAT), our connection works just until any communication through our PC is sent.

For example: I have a program that only works on LAN connection.... Ping is ok until I launch this program and then it suddenly stops to respond.

BUT, when my connection with the other PC is on RELAY mode, it works just fine.

If there's a way to keep this permanently on relay and cease this problem, I really appreciate!
Software Radmin VPN

Radmin VPN Registering

Hello everybody, I have this problem:
I just installed radmin vpn succesful but when the software starts it remains in registering status. I need to open special ports on my router ?
Thank you
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