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Games networks

Here you can find a network to join and create new Radmin VPN Networks.

Leave a comment with:
  1. Game name
  2. Network name
  3. Password
  4. Language if it's not English
Let the game begin!


How to remove “dead” PC`s from a scanning result.

Delete stored data.

Advanced IP Scanner -> Settings -> Options -> Misc -> Delete stored data.

Scanning results don`t show all devices in the network.

To see all the devices, you have to increase accuracy:

Settings -> Options -> Performance -> mark "High accuracy scanning"

There is a device without MAC-address or Manufacturer mark in my results.

This information is unavailable for the devices  in another subnetwork.

I need to show/hide dead PC in results of scanning.

In View then choose “Show dead/alive/unknown”  

The best way to add 1000 computers

That may seem that in Radmin you have to add all the computers into network manually.

But we developed a script that will do it automatically. Here is how to implement it:

  1. Go to,  download and install AutoIt v3

  2. Run Radmin Viewer

  3. Download radmin_auto_add.au3 script file from here, save it to your computer and double click it. The script will be executed:


      4. Select the file that contains a list of computers in your network and click the 'Open' button.

The script will automatically add all lines in the file as computer names in the running Radmin Viewer phonebook. It will add directly into whatever folder level you are in. So you can divide up your lists as you would want them divided in the folders, create the folders, run the script for the file containing the appropriate computers for your active folder level etc.

You can use any text editor to modify the script, apply it to your own computer list or create fields like computer phonebook name or custom port value.

Do you have some questions left?

Please ask below or in Q&A post.


Radmin VPN new version 1.0.3721 released!

A new version of Radmin VPN 1.0.3721.3 has been released. This is a minor update but still, 12 new features were added:

• Computer name can be changed
• Logs were added

If installed, the program will be updated automatically or you can download the new version here.

Did you spot another 10 features?

Do you have proposals on new ones?



How can I change my name in Radmin VPN?

Make a right click on your PC`s name near round button) and choose Change name.

The icon near PC in my networks is yellow instead of green.

A yellow icon means that the TRS connection is used (basically a tunnel) and that it passes through our servers (so your connection will be slow). This may be due to network topology and indicates that only a slow connection is possible. We are currently working on improving network speed in all topologies, but this will be available in the next version.

I can`t connect to the remote PC.

1.       Check that both PCs (local and remote) are using the latest version of Radmin VPN.

2.       Check that Radmin VPN is not blocked by antivirus and firewall.

3.       Check if ports 17000-18000 are open.


Clear history

I work on networks behind other people and have to find what IP's are in use. I have been using the IP Scanner to do this. The only problem I have found is that the program seems to keep a history file. Most of the time I do not care what use to be on the network only what is currently active. Example: say yesterday I scanned a network and found unit as it was active at the time. If I scan it today it will still show the .4 machine even if it's been turned off. Is there a way to clear the history? Or to have the scanner not show inactive devices?