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Software Radmin VPN

Can I get to know a password of an existing net?

A company helped me to make a vpn to use their software in a laptop and now I´m trying to change to a new one but they'll charge for it and if i can do it myself i see no reason to pay them.
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Suggestion for a simple addition

SUGGESTION:  What would be convenient for me, and I think for others, would be a column for "last seen date", to show when the last time a "dead" node logged in.  It might help with tracking down unrecognized nodes.  I think it would be a simple task to add this feature.   Please consider.  
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Radmin Server vs Radmin Viewer Vs Radmin VPN ?

Radmin Server vs Radmin Viewer Vs Radmin VPN    Can someone tell me the difference between these programs?  Also, can I host a game room and play in the same game with just one of these programs installed on my computer (and which program)?  Sorry for the basic question but I can't find the answer anywhere.  Thank You.
Software Radmin VPN

Help Installing Radmin Server

I may not be doing the installation correctly.  First, if I want to HOST a game do I have the have the sever on one computer in my home and the CLIENT on my computer I'm playing the game on, or can I have both the sever and the client on the same computer?  I am trying to host a game so we can all join and play this game.  I've watched a dozen instructional videos but they all seem to leave some steps out.  I am very grateful for your help.

Software Radmin VPN

Installation problem

I'd try install Radmin Vpn and during installation my computer gotten crash. No I want install it put I got this error.
any idea?

New Bitmap Image.bmp  
Software Radmin VPN

Connect game IL2 1946 not working in multiplayer

Hello everyone.

I have installed Radmin VPN to play network with but they all have Radmin VPN. I can't join a game session. I tried disabling Antivirus, as recommended, or opening ports on the internet box. But nothing works. The connection to the server is impossible because it is not even recognized by the game.
Does anyone have a solution please?
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