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Software Radmin VPN

I'm having a issue with connecting to users using Radmin VPN in certain countries

So I'm trying to connect to a user in Iraq so we can play together. However the game I'm playing gets stuck at loading the game then I lose connection. I have no firewall on and the other person doesn't have the firewall on as well I believe.
Gaming Don’t Starve Together

how to play LAN Don’t Starve Together Radmin VPN


here is tutorial from Youtube so you can set up the game.
Leave comments under this post or under YouTube video is something doesn't work.

Gaming C&C: Generals - Zero Hour

C&C: Generals - Zero как играть в Radmin VPN

Всем привет!
Собрал тут несолько тьюториалов как играть в Генералов по Radmin VPN.
В принципе мне и первый помог.
дискорд генераловский здесь

Software Advanced IP Scanner

I ran an IP scan, how do I get rid the extra active ports?

I have attached a screen shot of the results.
ip scan.odt (98.46 Kb)
Software Radmin VPN

Connection between computers

I want to establish a good connection between my computer and my friend's (for gaming). We use two different routers in this case. So your VPN will rise the latency or not?
Software Radmin VPN

Problem Connected

Hi, I have a connection problem. More precisely, a friend joined me well, next to it is an orange circle and not a green one. Because of this, we can’t play. How to fix it?
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