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How to put all players in the RADMIN_VPN network into a single network. With subnet mask:

The fact is that we have a Network Strategy that does not find the game if the players are in different subnets.

I tried forcibly assigning to the adapter
Leave the gateway as is.
because I don't know how else.

I gave the second computer the same parameters, only and then everything worked for us. BUT! This lasted 1 day. Then, for some reason, it stopped working. I can't understand the reason.

Help me please. Prompt how to receive to all participants of a network, IP of one network. with mask
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Help with Network

How to make a public Gaming Network????

Help pls.
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Join My Tlauncher Radmin For Play With Me

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alguien me podria ayudar

es que tengo este problema , quiciera saber xq pasa esto

En radmin vpn en ves de decir en linea dice registrando
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Silent Hunter 3

GAME: Silent Hunter 3

NETWORK NAME: silenthunter2345

PASSWORD: silenthunter2345

Or join us on discord

Software Radmin VPN

PC use as Admin already format.

My PC that I use as admin before already got problem. Then I sent to format. After for that PC I install Radmin but I can access as Admin anymore. For this situation how can I set back my PC as Admin?  
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