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как удалить не рабочие соединения в Radmin VPN

как удалить не рабочие соединения в Radmin VPN  

Some things about radmin VPN in mainland China

1. I can’t access the official website for download (I can access it in the first few months), I can only go to the official website with a VPN, but I still ca n’t download
2. In China, many people (at least 50%) have permanent yellow or green lights but high latency
3. Now entering the official Minecraft network but the room is not displayed in Minecraft (may be my problem)
Hope Radmin VPN can do better and better! After all, this is the best and most convenient way to play Minecraft in China! I hope you can pay attention to the situation of software in China! If done well, the MC industry in China will surely be on fire! Beyond Youxia (another international MC connection method now popular in China)
The above conversation does not mean angry or bad reviews. This is a timely feedback on the situation I encountered when using Radmin VPN in China.

Radmin Vpn interface metric automatic change

Hi, i went to change the metric to a higher number than 1 but it change automatic after restart the system. what can i do to prevent that, because i use 1 for another interface?

some help

I was installing Radmin and at the exact moment I clicked to finish the installation a blue notification appeared on the right side of my screen and it immediately disappeared due to my click, I couldn't read it at all, I tried reinstalling Radmin to test if it'd appear again but it didn't. I think it was important because I can't connect to LAN servers at all. How do I fix this?

Windows 10*

How to chat in Radmin VPN

There are two ways to chat in Radmin VPN
how to chat in Radmin VPN.jpg
first one is
Through Discord
If you don't have Radmin Server license the only way to chat is through integrated Discord chats.

The chat in Discord is dedicated to a network. You can find chats in the biggest Public networks or you can create your own private chat for the private network.

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Is Radmin VPN open source, or is there a commercial version?

Radmin VPN是开放源代码,还是有商业版本?
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