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Connection Problem

Hello, I'm a new RADMIN Vpn user, I'm looking for an alternative to Hamachi VPN,, here I encountered problems on several computers that after I installed Radmin between 1 to 2 days it went well, but the next day the connection was lost because internet access suddenly disappeared, , but after I changed the ip several times, radmin came back to life.. and so on for days later.. I checked the network diagnostics, the DNS was not responding and I tried several times to do a dns flush.. the results were the same except I changed the computer's IP. I.


Connection with one user is very slow while fast for others

Hi guys,

I've been having this problem where my Radmin VPN connection for one of my friend is STUPIDLY slow while for other friends my connection to them is lightning fast.

As you can see here, my connection with henry is 200ms while for Rekki it's 9ms. Any fix for this?

Waiting for adapter response issue

Hello Support.
I downloaded Radmin VPN from the official site. The first strange act that i saw is the super slow instalation process.
I just have to wait around 10 minutes to complete the instalation, which is insane slow, before months it wasnt like that.
And second and basic problem is the "Waiting for adapter response". I tried to reinstall, disable all kind of antivirus and etc...
and nothing. I just have no idea what else can i do. I would love if someone help me. Thanks in advance.

problem Failed to enable virtual adapter (err:0x200000001)

hello i have big problem plis help me i can't play with my friends here log:
2023.01.16 01:05:33.652 INFO Switched On
2023.01.16 01:05:33.728 ERROR Failed to enable virtual adapter (err:0x200000001)
2023.01.16 01:05:34.286 INFO Connected to server (23)
2023.01.16 01:05:35.153 INFO Connected to 127373006/'DESKTOP-9MRHI9E' via TCP/outgoing
2023.01.16 01:05:35.202 INFO Connected to 128105166/'DESKTOP-VF0BRSI' via TCP/outgoing
service.log ( 28.01 Kb) ( 1.93 Mb) msinfo32.txt ( 4.88 Kb)

My Radmin Vpn keeps connecting endlessly

I downloaded and installed radmin vpn but when I connect it keeps connecting endlessly.

does anyone know how to resolve?

I already formatted my notebook and it didn't help

the last time i used radmin vpn was at my friend's house to play together

Can't enable Radmin VPN service after disable in windows startup

Hey friends.

After I disabled the service startup via win+R -> msconfig.msc -> disable Radmin VPN Control Service, I can't start it manually.

After I press the power switch and confirm to run as administrator, no activation occurs and the button remains red.

Windows 11 22H2
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