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I want to format my pc

I want to format my pc and I'm afraid if I do it the ip address will recreate so I can't access the same things in some games
like stardew valley and minecraft

Can connect to RadminVPN's ip address but can't connect to my friend

Hi, I'm the guy from this post Radmin VPN stucked at "Connecting" ( At first, I want to say that thank you so much for your support in the last time. After contacting to my ISP, which was sadly failed, I've found a temporary solution to my problem. I used "Hola VPN" to change my IP address to nearby countries (Singapore), and Radmin VPN suddenly worked fine with 100-200ms ping.

However, few days ago, my country's internet connection via the Asia Pacific Gateway (APG) undersea cable broke down, and my ping with Radmin VPN (inside Hola VPN) rises over 300ms now. So I found another solution - Cloudflare Warp. It gives me a decent ping (around 120-180ms). But there's a problem, neither I nor my friends can't ping each others's IP address through CMD. It always responds "Request timed out.", although in the Radmin VPN UI it still shows each others's ping.

I've disabled my firewall and antivirus aswell. I've also tried to ping these 3 of RadminVPN's ip address (,, and here's the result

Ip nimmers verwijderen

Hallo Heren,
Ik gebruik sinds een half jaar Radmin VPN om van buiten verbinding te maken met een ipadres.
Nou loopt die lijst vol met vanalleerlei adressen die ook inloggen op onze radmin vpn Hoe kan ik de "dode " adressen verwijderen want dit zijn adressen die niet meer bestaan.
Ik heb een afbeelding ge-upload, en het gaat om al die adressen die grijs zijn en die zou ik graag willen verwijderen maar kan iemand mij vertellen hoe????


Radmin VPN "inside" Nord VPN

I'm trying to run Radmin VPN "inside" Nord VPN. I've already allowed its .exe and service to skip the Nord VPN, and it permits ping now, but it doesn't work to access remote PC folders. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

Radmin VPN stucked at "Connecting"

Hi, I've using Radmin VPN for playing Stardew Valley with my friends in the past few weeks with no problem. But yesterday (27/3/2022), there was a power cut (probably by my electricity supplier) and since then I had this problem with Radmin VPN.

At first, it stucked at "Connecting" forever and I can't see my other networks. I tried to fix that by following a guide from alexeev in this post But then, my IP address didn't show anymore, the line "Connecting" turned into "Redirecting".

I've tried to reinstall Radmin VPN for a few times and the problem is still there. I've also disabled my firewall and my antivirus as well.

can somebody explain me about this


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