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darksiders genesis

hi I joined darksiders network and when I go in game i can't see any one to invite and even
my friend created a network to invite me to join him but he can't see me online either, any idea how to fix this ?

Error 0x10000000c

what mean this error in the log,

Node 1534102/'PC-7' disconnected. Error: 0x10000000c

An other computer on the same network is working without problem

Professional Version

Hello, I'm using radmin for some computer but also a lot RDP
I'm very glad with this product because it is very easy to use.
But, is there a limitation with the number of network or network we are using ?
Now, I'm connected to 8 networks ( Customer ) and from some network, they are 20 and more computers.

So, I'm interested with a "Professional" version, with a little fee because you have to earn some money too

radmin with android devices

there is any possible way to join my android device to my radmin-vpn's network  ?

I can't connect

Hey guys, so I've just installed Radmin VPN and when I open it, it just keeps showing "Registering" , I waited for like 15 minutes and still didn't connect.. stuck on registering.
Please help me as soon as possible, and I'm sorry for my English. hope you could understand me well.

Hosts reinstall system

Hosts reinstalled system:
And Network already exists
How to change hosts to new PC?
Or delete old network list?
cuz i dont want to change network name!


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