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Alternate for Radmin VPN client

The Radmin-VPN client is not working for Linux.
Is there another VPN client that can be used to connect to the Radmin-VPN Network?
And what are the connection settings for such client.

Thank you.

Management and Security with Radmin VPN?

Hi Folks,

I'm trying to determine if it's appropriate to use Radmin VPN for certain folks. I have two concerns.

There doesn't seem to be a management interface for the VPNs. I can remove a peer fr om another computer from the initial machine I set up, but what if that computer dies. Do I need to wipe all of existing VPN peers and start over?

The 2nd issue is more important, and wh ere the primary concern is. How do I know that the VPN is secure from eaves dropping, and packet sniffing by FAMATECH?

Without knowing this I can't tell if it's safe to use by most of my clients.



I want to change my country to Argentina with this VPN. Can i do it? and how?

Me and my friend can't see each other on the server

I have been using Radmin VPN for gaming for a while now. I asked a friend to join, and for some reason, no matter which gaming server we join, we cannot see each other (neither in the server list nor in-game). What could be the issue?
Thanks in advance!

Migrar red a otro PC

Hola buenas tardes.
Espero me puedan ayudar, instale RadminVPN en un equipo, cree dos redes a los cuales ya conecte varios equipos, la cuestion es que este equipo por otras circunstancias nesesito formatearlo, pero deseo migrar mis redes a otro equipo para seguirlas administrando, como puedo hacer esto?

Strange Disconnect Issue

So, my friends and I have been playing a game called Kohan through the Radmin VPN. It has been working great most of the time up until recently; it's been getting more unstable as of late. We are playing with a maximum of 8 people connected into it... possibly 9 if someone observes.

Anyways, the error that we are getting is that someone will lose connection mid game. Then, even though they are green, they can't see anyone else in game. They can't reconnect to a new game (any new game won't show up in the LAN menu) or find anyone else. Only when they do a restart of the software are they then able to see other users / matches in game.

Does anyone have any idea what may be causing this issue?
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