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alguien me podria ayudar

es que tengo este problema , quiciera saber xq pasa esto

En radmin vpn en ves de decir en linea dice registrando

PC use as Admin already format.

My PC that I use as admin before already got problem. Then I sent to format. After for that PC I install Radmin but I can access as Admin anymore. For this situation how can I set back my PC as Admin?  

Radmin VPN authourize Failed

H! my computer couldnt install Radmin VPN at first then after disable driver signature it succesful installed but is show authorization failed.
is there any way to fix this?
thank you.

Desistalaion y Actualizacion

Hola Buenas tardes no me deja actualizar ni desisintalar el programa como puedo solucionar este problema


y este mensaje me sale al desintalar el programa.


free vpn is there a user limit

I'm a new user of radmin vpn and for free vpn is there a user limit?

can't delegate admin rights

I have created a network and added a couple of computers.  I want to delegate admin rights to one of them but when I right click the computer name, the dropdown list does not include Grant Admin Rights or Remove Note from Network options.


Not sure what I may have done wrong but would appreciate your help in sorting this out.
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