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How to manage Radmin VPN network. We are Radmin VPN community. Official tech support and experts will answer your questions. New release will be posted here first. You can invite playmates to your servers.

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I want ask question

I want ask question can radmin VPN be used for gaming purposes, such as creating a virtual LAN for multiplayer games? Because as far as I know admin VPN is a popular choice for gamers looking to establish a virtual LAN environment for multiplayer gaming over the internet.


wefi internet coletiva

tem um programa o wefi ele foi projetado para usar smartfones como retransmissores de wifi para criar uma rede wifi gigante que já consseguiu retransmitir por 20 milhas o radmin vpn simula lan on-line acredito que é possivel faser radmin p2p internet o wefi transforma cada smartfone em alguns megahertz começa com 900mhz e tem capacidade maxima teórica de 101gigahertz acredito que seja possivel somar spectro wifi dentro da rede  

I want to install radmin vpn on my server can i do it

I would like to install Radmin vpn on my server so that I can exchange information with a friend at a remote distance and for free. In theory, Radmin will be able to recreate a local network in which we will have a shared storage, but I don’t know if this idea can be brought to life.

compartilhar internet pelo radmin vpn

acredito que é possivel transformar a rede radmin vpn em um proy cache através do adaptador farmateck é possivel abilitar stramings p2p misturando o acesso a internet de todos os clientes radmin vpn dentro da mesm

VPN radmin trafego gigabyte

Gostaria de saber VPN Radmin conseguimos mudar de 100 mbps para 1GB de trafego ?

Weak Signal

Hi everyone,

I am experiencing a problem that has occurred since the last few days. I have 7 routers with the same internet provider that are members of 1 radmin group. The internet speed test that I got was above 100mbps to 150mbps. However, the ping I got between point A and point B had a very small signal, only 1 bar and when I pinged it got time=750ms.

can anyone give me an explanation? Thank You
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