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Maximum clients on gaming networks?


I would like to ask if there a limit to clients connected to a public Radmin gaming network at one time. I know there's a limit of 150 on private networks and I'm wondering if it's the case for the 'public' ones.

Can't open radmin vpn

I used radmin vpn since a while but for some reason it stopped working. It wont open or anything. I already tried to uninstall it but nothing woked

I get only relay connection

2 Days ago my ping with my friend was around 60ms and now is 250+
I tried turning of radmin but i keep geting relay connection

Radmin VPN does not have access to the Internet

Hello, I tell you, when I installed the RadminVPN and when the message came out (I leave the following image)
I said no, and that's why I can't make my friends enter my server (I think so). Because it throws this error at them:
If you know how to make RadminVPN have access to the internet and make it a private network it would help me.
Thank you

Connection keeps dropping randomly

Hey there,

we are playing factorio in local network mode and for some reason after some time may some loose the connection and cannot reconnect. For example i loose connection then i still can ping others in network but i cannot Ping the host anymore (Timeout) after stopping the service restarting the network adapter and restarting the service everything works normal until someone else drops the connection. It is Random and the network of the host is not maxed out not even baerly (500Mbps)
and i have the same internet provider with same speed my network is not used much either. Both tested speed when this occured still having 521Mbps but cannot connect to host but anyone else until restarting service and adapter???

Any suggestions on what could fix this?
Is it always using same port?
Could port forwarding in Router maybe help?

Velocidade de acesso

Bom dia, alguem ja se deparou com algumas maquinas com o sinal muito baixo no radmin vpn ?

estou tendo problemas com 2 maquinas (w10/64) com internet de 240 mega, que ao acessar a rede do radmin estão muito mas muito lenta (tipo abrir um word 5 segundos), mas com acesso a internet, emails e videos está normal.

a internet do server está com 420mega e outros acessam muito bem.

olhei a configuração da placa de rede radmin e esta em 100 mbps .

qualquer ajuda é muito bem vinda, obrigado
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