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Good morning,

I wish to know if exist a Radmin VPN software for Ubuntu, debian, Red Hat or other Linux distribution. At the moment, I can't see anything about this.




I am using Radmin VPN on a computer that is on a LAN and another that is on the outside. I manage to connect the two computers but I cannot ping the IP address that is configured in the ethernet interface of the device nor can I ping the other computers on the LAN. Nor can I access private web addresses that are on that LAN, that is, I can only connect those two computers but the rest of the LAN has no connection. What should I do? your help please

Please, port RadminVPN to GNU/Linux.

Or just show me protocol specifications and I will write it by hand.

Radmin vpn now connecting

I use Radmin VPN... Just yesterday it worked fine and today, i cant even ping connected devices. My network is running well and internet at both sides transmitting perfect. I want to find out, is any service related to the VPN down? or is there a technical issue? Thank You

radmin vpn for linux

I wish and wish radmin will provide their vpn on to the linux platform... Even if it is a paid service, some of us are willing to pay for

I want to play Borderlands 2 with my friend

So last month i was able to play borderlands 2 with my friend using Radmin VPN over LAN. We didn't even know that the gaming network option existed so i just copied his ip address and joined his lobby. But after some time his game just wouldn't show up anymore no matter what we did reinstalling , etc... .So i just discovered this new gaming network thing and i have no clue how it works and i found no tutorial. I joined a Borderlands 2 network and when i got in to the game i didn't find any games on LAN but then i just copied a random users ip address from that Borderlands 2 network and when i got in i found him but i couldnt play because it said he has a different version and thats propably because i have a pirated version.But me and my friend were able to play before because we have the same pirated version , its the fitgirl repack and the games version is 1.8.4 i think or something. So bassically what i want to know is how can me and my friend play Borderlands 2 using this gaming network and i would like a little more information about how to use it and how it works. Thanks :)
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