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Radmin VPN's DNS

So basically there's a fast and easy way to speed up your internet which is simply changing the DNS address (I personally like to use, from google). This morning I just messed around with my PC and realised that Radmin VPN creates a virtual Ethernet adapter. In this case, can I change and actually use the DNS for the virtual Ethernet without any problems?

Radmin VPN causes windows to say no internet access yet internet works fine

What the tittle says. I've uninstalled all radmin related applications but still have this problem

New language

Hi all, I'll like to know if there any way to contribute for adding a new language? I'm using Radmin for years, but it's not available in kurdish language

I need help

I download Radmin VPN to work and nothing happen. But I turn off my pc until I use it again, my wifi connection is error. The connection still work and I can use Internet, surf web but wifi show no internet secured. I try to get some help but it useless. Can someone help me please ? Thanks very much.


i have radmin VPN room in my PC with 5 of my friend i have great ping with 4 of my friend  ( 40-60ms) but bad ping on 1 of my friend (400ms++) , i think its my ISP problem and then i start using another ISP but have same result then i try ping my friend that i have bad ping on it  with my laptop with same ISP like my PC then my laptop got good ping on it any solution for this ?  


Hi guys,

Please help me to solve this problem.

When finishing installing radmin vpn, it’s connecting…cant login any network
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