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Radmin VPN delay too high

Radmin VPN delay too high     Can you provide a self built server

Permanently Relay connection


Is there a way that I can always have a relay connection through Radmin VPN?

For a reason that I couldn't possibly find, when my connection to the other PC is green (UDP/NAT), our connection works just until any communication through our PC is sent.

For example: I have a program that only works on LAN connection.... Ping is ok until I launch this program and then it suddenly stops to respond.

BUT, when my connection with the other PC is on RELAY mode, it works just fine.

If there's a way to keep this permanently on relay and cease this problem, I really appreciate!

Radmin VPN Registering

Hello everybody, I have this problem:
I just installed radmin vpn succesful but when the software starts it remains in registering status. I need to open special ports on my router ?
Thank you

Err: 0x7000003f0

My frien have problem last days, he have radmin VPN that keep say registering and nothing hapend he cant connect to network. Thankso for help

Жёлтый значок \ Yellow icon

На моём роутере нат выключен, там где создана сеть нет роутера и брандмауэр выключен, антивируса там нет, но значок жёлтый и ничего из той сети с моего компа не пингуется. Что ещё может мешать?
У меня win 7, на компе где создана сеть xp.

On my router, the nat is turned off, where the network is created there is no router and the firewall is off, the antivirus is not there, but the icon is yellow and nothing fr om that network from my computer does not respond. What else could interfere?
I have Windows 7, on the computer wh ere the  Windows XP network is created.


Radmin VPN connection keeps dropping

Hello, when i join someone server in a game, in a bit my connection to Radmin stops and my internet gets laggy, and cant ping anyone on that network only says time out, i tried disabling firewall and antivirus and restarting Radmin but still occurs.
I noticed that upload speed used by Radmin services gets higher, thanks for help.
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