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How to manage Radmin VPN network. We are Radmin VPN community. Official tech support and experts will answer your questions. New release will be posted here first. You can invite playmates to your servers.

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No funciona el Radmin 2

Entro unos minutos y luego se volvio a caer, alguien mas tiene este mismo error ???

No funciona el Radmin

buenos dias alguien mas no le funciona, parte mi red no esta funcionando y otra parte si, no saben si esto es general o si tienen algun tiempo de respuesta ?

no anda radmin vpn

alguien podria indicar si funciona e

no anda radmin vpn

alguien podria indicar si funciona radmin vpn

Waiting for adapter response error on radmin vpn

Hello supports, i have been trying to install the radmin vpn but the error kept coming up
i tried to turn off the firewall and anti virus and reinstall it multiple time but none of them work
i also remove all of my different vpn aswell but that doesn't seem to work either
please help
much thanks

edit: its seems that after some install the vpn now also come with an "uid' file that appears whenever i install the app which is weird

Acesso Lento - VPN

 Boa tarde, percebo que o acesso fica muito lento, esta sinalização e  referente a velocidade da internet que esta ruim no momento, ou tem alguma coisa a ver com serviço/plataforma da RAdmin ?

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