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radmin vpn down?

Hi! Today I cannot connect to radmin VPN the same way as previously it worked.
I checked the log but there is nothing special. When I want to turn on the radmin vpn service, it just stucks at "Connecting..." state.
Any ideas?

(SOLVED): Radmin VPN GUI Not Showing In Windows 10

Hello. I've stumbled across Radmin VPN not displaying GUI after being installed on my Win10. Tried installing, uninstalling, installing from choco and from your website, nothing helped. I can see Radmin VPN control service and Radmin VPN GUI starter hanging out there, as well as public network with connection name "Radmin VPN" in the Network and Sharing Center. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

problem with stardew valley

Hi, every 30 minutes - 1 hour, I lose the connection (timeout) with my friend (I use Radmin).
My friend and I have a good connection, around 100 ms of ping when it works.
When the problem occurs, I see that there is no longer a connection received while there is still connection sent. I often do speed tests, it doesn't come from me.
(sorry for the language, I'm not english)

Anyone know if Radmin VPM runs via Wine?

I set up a Linux system recently and I was wondering if it were possible to run Radmin VPN via WINE, for use with games like Warcraft III. I've tried a few times and it errors out, so I don't know if I'm missing some dependencies, if anyone knows please let me know.

Dirt2 and Dirt3 on Radimn

Hello ..
Has anyone tried Radimn to create a Dirt2 or Dirt3 Games network ??? Was it working normally?


I cant play anything because i appear discconected, even with radminvpn open, it says that i have "nodes offline" but i searched on google how to change and that and I recieved 0 help. Im the DEEIIVIIIS in the photos I uploaded
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