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Radmin VPN 1.1 major update - public gaming networks added

Today your Radmin VPN will be updated automatically and Public gaming network will be added.
If you don't want to wait you can download updated version from our website. and join 10 000+ gaming networks!
What is public gaming networks?
  • name of the game as a network name
  • no admin
  • no password
  • firewall is set up in all the networks to secure you
How do they work?
  • go to "Join network" and select "Gaming network" tab
  • search the game you want to play and join the network with double-click
  • play with people all around the world!
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08/05/2019 11:02:42
Kết nối với tôi để trải nghiệm trò chơi: kỷ nguyên võ thuật .


pas: 123456
08/08/2019 13:35:13
I am new to Radmin, but it would be nice to have a public chat in public networks, thx :)
Radmin Club Team
08/08/2019 13:45:58

Thank you for using our software! Making future releases we always take into consideration our customers' wishes. The feature you have requested is not implemented yet so we have added your request to our wishlist.
08/10/2019 11:01:26
Hi i have One question and One Request !

Question Is How Much is the player Limitation In Each Gaming Rooms In The New Radmin Gaming Network ?

And i on behalf of my Far Cry 2 Community Wish that we Could Chat In Radmin With every Users In The Radmin Room Without Any Radmin Server !
Radmin Club Team
08/12/2019 14:38:00

1. Radmin VPN network is limited by 150 members. Gaming rooms depend on the game you`re playing it.
2. The feature you have requested is not implemented yet so we have added your request to our wishlist.
08/16/2019 09:40:39
hello, before the major update 29/7 my ping is @100 ms to other computer
but after the update it become @500 ms , how can i solve the high ping problem ?  
Radmin Club Team
08/16/2019 14:08:19

Could you send a screenshot of Radmin VPN and write which connections have such a high ping?
08/19/2019 05:47:06
its laser-2pc. before the update its @100ms but now it stay at 400-500ms , no setting was changed
Radmin Club Team
08/19/2019 11:11:08

Relay connection is not an error.Its one of Radmin VPN connection type that takes place when direct connection is not possible.
There  are a lot of factors like many routers between Radmin VPN and Internet,  NATs, firewalls, network topology, router settings, closed ports and  etc.
Here some ways to avoid this connection type, but they dont guarantee non relayed connection:
1. Both PCs (local and remote) are placed in the same network.
2. One of PC has direct IP address.
3. Routers with direct IP have the following NAT settings: one NAT, Full Cone NAT,Address-Restricted cone NAT, Restricted cone NAT, Port-Restricted cone NAT
08/31/2019 02:35:08
Is it possible to create a public gaming network for DeathDrome?
It's not in the list for gaming networks yet but we have a small fanbase still playing the game online.
08/31/2019 22:11:52
Seconded. A public network for this game would be great.
Radmin Club Team
09/02/2019 10:18:13
can you please share a link to the game's website or some other resource? Thank you
09/03/2019 17:30:03
Thx for adding the game to Radmin gaming networks.

FYI these are some resources for DeathDrome:

files + installation see on
10/16/2019 21:46:04
Is it possible to create a public gaming network for the game BLUR?
it is actually the reason that made me and my friends from morocco canada south africa and brazil to find Radmin and Radmin-vpn
even though it is an old game, it still has its gamers
thanx in advance
10/16/2019 21:52:08
I found Blur thanx you Radmin People
just one more request

if possible to put the games in an alphabetic order
i got lost looking for my game
thanx in advanced .... again
Radmin Club Team
10/17/2019 11:24:21
Hello! You're welcome. There is search function to find games
10/19/2019 01:46:57
I installed Radmin Viewer v3.5.2,
I installed Radmin Server v3.5.2,
and I installed last version of Radmin VPN, but when i want to send someone a message, I get this popup of "Remote Radmin Server is not installed" then tells to g to Main menu --> help --> Install Radmin server.
When I go to Radmin VPNto install it AGAIN , they pops up another message "Already Installed"
all is active, all is ready, from services to network adapters
i don't know what is missing
and i used to play with my friends in radmin
help please
Radmin Club Team
10/21/2019 14:02:51

Did you install Radmin Server on the remote PC?
Radmin Viewer is for the local PC and Radmin Server is for the remote one.
11/13/2019 18:28:15

First of all thank you so much for making such a revolutionary and easy to use hamachi alternative!
I have read the comments , asking if chat will be implemented ,and to which you replied that it will be added to the wish list. I guess I wanted to ask if there will be an update this or the other month, where this will become reality.
Lastly , I was kinda wondering if you ever been working with the team of Tunngle which got shutdown , sadly, because the network search and accessibility really reminds me of it , as I refer to this as "mini Tunngle" to some of my friends.

Anyways , keep up the good work , and I can't wait to hear some news on the development of this amazing program!
Radmin Club Team
11/14/2019 14:37:44

This feature is to be implemented in future releases. Thank you for your support =)
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