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What is Radmin Server used for?

I dont really understand for what Radmin Server is used for...
Can someone explain me?

Greetings :D

Alt+L combination coes couse remotly controled PC (with windows 7) to logout, jusl like win+L combination

Hi. Like in the post title - is there a way to change the shourtcut? I really need alt+L conbinations since it's quite common letter in my native language, but I'm unable tu use it. Radmin reads alt+L conbination like win+L and all I get is a logout screen.
Best regards!

radmin client portable 64X

Please compile Radmin Client portable to 64x, because Wine under MAC-OS catalina support only 64x windows applications.

Como conversar?

Como faço pra conversar com algum amigo?
Pede usuário e senha, mas não sei de onde.
Ajudem, por favor!!!

Radmin Guest PC user

I need to connect to the desktop, not to admin-user, but to guest or another user created on this computer. So that while admin uses his computer, I can remotely watch the guest account. Default Windows RDP(mstsc.exe) allowed to connect to any users. For example "\guestuser" or "\John" and we both can use PC. Radmin connection now allowed to chose user in GUI.
Help please, or it even possible?

Mouse cursor keep jumping on remote computer.

I have used radmin for a while and I have a problem when a remote user is connected at the same time there is a local user. If the local user moves the mouse, the mouse jumps to the cursor position of the remote user in a second or less.

This problem has always existed, but it was never this aggressive. The local user could do something without it immediately jumping back.

Thinking it was mouse judder, I did try changing mice, but it did not help. I noticed that even with the mouse unplugged the issue still occurs. It seems the issue is with Radmin and not the mouse.

This is a Windows 7 64 bit machine and there have not been any known changes to cause the issue, is there any way to stop it from happening?
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