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Radmin Viewer: Allow F12 cycling behavior to include 'Stretch to Full Screen'

The default behavior of pressing the F12 button when connected to a host cycles through normal, stretch and full-screen modes.  The option for 'Stretch to Full Screen' is not included here.  Having to manually click on this option destroys the workflow immensely when this mode is needed.

Please add 'Stretch to Full Screen' as the fourth option when pressing the F12 key for us keyboard shortcut users.

Adding Users & Groups to Radmin Server via Script

Looking for the best way to Add Users & Groups to Radmin Server via Script?
Can these be added in the Registry or is there another way?
Looking for Windows machines.

How change PC - radmin server

Jak můžu přenést licenci Radmin ze starého PC na nový PC ? Jde to?
Starý PC přestává fungovat.
Děkuji za odpověď    

RAdmin Server With Password Locked

Due to a hardware failure I was forced to do a bare metal restore of the PC. All went well, except that when I install the RAdmin server it won't let me because the key has been locked to another PC.

Factually incorrect - it's the same PC.

Logged a call with Radmin support over a week ago - disappointed to have had no response.

Any chance someone could make a request to RAdmin support to get this resolved?


Paid for new single server license. No key received..

Order #229350757 according to email from on Mar 6, 2024, 7:41 AM (5 days ago). Paid with PayPal for new Radmin single server license 5 days ago. No key received. Made support requests at and at No acknowledgement. No communication. Checked spam folder.
Please help.
Please send me the license key. Delay is causing big difficulties. Thank you.
Brian Newman

Is Radmin no longer being developed?


the last version of Radmin was released over 6 years ago.  :|
Has the development been (temporarily) stopped or will there be a new version soon?
Is there any roadmap?

Thanks and greetings,
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