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Radmin Server vs Radmin Viewer Vs Radmin VPN ?

Radmin Server vs Radmin Viewer Vs Radmin VPN    Can someone tell me the difference between these programs?  Also, can I host a game room and play in the same game with just one of these programs installed on my computer (and which program)?  Sorry for the basic question but I can't find the answer anywhere.  Thank You.

Radmin as an interactive Service - Radmin como Servicio interactivo

The radmin stays on the radmin icon in remote access and checking the event viewer "The Radmin Server V3 service has been marked as an interactive service. However, it is configured to not allow interactive services. This service may have a malfunction"

El radmin se queda en el icono de radmin en el acceso remoto y revisando el visor de eventos "El servicio Radmin Server V3 ha sido marcado como servicio interactivo. sin embargo esta configurado para no permitir servicios interactivos. este servicio puede tener un funcionamiento incorrecto"

How to check encryption?

how do i check if Radmin and Radmin VPN are really using AES256 encryption and it is also very important to know about their privacy policy.  Although the websites of these applications say that they have a no-logs policy, there are many websites on the Internet that say otherwise.ш

Detects that the local computer has connected to the remote computer

Hello,I would like to create an application in VisualStudio to detect when a local computer connects to a remote computer via LAN using Radmin.I would appreciate any help.
Thank you.

Wireless remote PC hanging up during connection; ethernet connection works fine

I connect to 3 PC's (all Windows 10) that are all on the same remote router/LAN. One is connected directly to the router via ethernet and works perfectly. About a year ago the other 2, both of which are connected wirelessly, stopped connecting for both Remote Viewing and Full Control (connection hangs up) but they both connect fine for Radmin File Transfer. I am unable to connect the two problem PCs to the router via ethernet cable - they must remain wireless.
All 3 PC's are using Radmin version 3.5.2.
I would appreciate any help.

Radmin is ready for the new version of windows 11?

Radmin is ready for the new version of windows 11? 🤔
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