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Their are three computers at my office and one at my home office which is the main computer that controls the other three remotely. One of the computers just spins ( looking at each other) when I try calling in and will not let me access ( view ) my computer. This just happened recently and I am asking for help in how to fix this problem. Can anyone tell me what to do to fix this problem ? Thank you

Удаленное подключение из конфигураций 1С

Добрый день!
Сегодня хочу рассказать о способе удаленного подключения средствами Radmin прямо из конфигурации 1С. Отмечу, что подобный способ рассматривается в реалиях конкретной конфигурации "Управление IT-отделом 8", которая разработана для ИТ-специалистов. Первым делом устанавливаем radmin и настраиваем radmin server, а также radmin viewer 3. Писать о настройках не буду, так как для осуществления подключения из конфигурации достаточно будет минимально настроенного radmin. Следующим шагом, перейдем  в саму конфигурацию и настроем удаленное подключение.

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Windows 10 with multiple users

RAdmin has worked well at a site with two computers: a Windows 7 computer, and a Windows 10 computer.

Then I upgraded the Windows 7 computer to Windows 10 and now RAdmin server will connect but access always fails with a password error. Yet the other computer with 10 has always just worked. Downloaded and installed the latest RAdmin server and viewer but that didn't help.

What might be responsible is that the first computer has 4 user accounts (logins). That always worked with Windows 7. Connect with RAdmin name and password, and then login to one of the 4 user accounts. The other Windows 10 computer only has a single user account.

Any ideas on how to get this working? I opened a ticket but haven't heard anything yet as this is the weekend. I need to get this going as the bookkeeper needs access.

Radmin access is getting freezed or disconnected

Dear Team,

Being an Radmin user since last 10years, we are very happy with the product.

However, Since a month or so, Radmin access from the PC of branch office to PC of HO is getting disconnected/freezed twice or thrice in a day even there is no breaks in connectivity between said offices. We have established IPSec VPN tunnel for connectivity between branch office and HO.
Although at the same time, our screen sharing sessions using SFB(Skype for Business) is running without any interruption over IPSec VPN tunnel.

Please guide and suggest to avoid disconnecting/freezing issue of Radmin over IPSec VPN between branches.

Mitesh Patel

entering BIOS


Is it possible to enter the BIOS in a computer in the same network?

Smart-Card and RAdmin

Hello, everyone!

I ask for your help, is it possible while connecting with Radmin, use smart-card forwarding from the management host to the user station?

Maybe there are some life hacks for token forwarding (for Radmin) ?

What kind of software for remote control, besides the RDP, can smart cards be forwarded?
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