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Smart-Card and RAdmin

Hello, everyone!

I ask for your help, is it possible while connecting with Radmin, use smart-card forwarding from the management host to the user station?

Maybe there are some life hacks for token forwarding (for Radmin) ?

What kind of software for remote control, besides the RDP, can smart cards be forwarded?

Radmin on Arm Processors

Just wondering if anyone know if radmin viewer will be support on either arm win 10 laptops, or if they will add an android app. Also wondering if they work with Microsoft emulator that they have built. Asking because one of the laptops that I am thinking about purchasing for work has an arm cpu and I have to have radmin on my pc as it is crucial to my work.

check version of Radmin

Any comment for Raddmin version 3.4 and version 3.5.2?

Radmin on Windows 10

Hello everybody,
I have a pc with windows 7 and one with windows 10, on all pc i have installed the same version of radmin server 3.4 the problem is
that if I connect from the pc windows 10 on windows 7 it works perfectly but if I want to connect from the pc with windows 7 on
windows 10 does not connect and I have no errors.

Has anyone already had this problem ??
how to solve?



Пожелания в будущие версии

Здравствуйте. Иногда сталкиваюсь с проблемой, что у пользователей не стартует сервис RSever3 (Сканирую во вьювере по F5). Приходится убеждаться, включен ли вообще компьютер через пингование (CMD->Ping). Можно ли в будущих версиях Вьювера добавить опцию пинг во всплывающее меню?

Can't connect

All of a sudden, I can connect to several computers on my network.  Locally.  But when I go home, I see them all.  Also, If I go to another PC and use radmin, I see the other computers just fine.

So, clearly, something is going on with my computer.  Any ideas why this suddenly happened?

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