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radmin viewer on linux with wine

I try to use viewer with wine on linux.
But it seems the special combine key like alt-tab  could not work .
How could I make  special combine key work correctly ?

By the way is there a plan to launch a pure linux version ?

Radmin on Citrix

Will Radmin Viewer run on a Citrix server?  Is there a special version?  Is the viewer still free?

Any help appreciated!



dc7800 hp crash image with windows 10

i´m trying radmin to contrólate 3 old hp dc7800 vga driva q35 chipset Intel, and, in Windows 7 aré ok.
But if i installed Windows 10, it crash image.

some idea???
Thks by your time.

Radmin Remote Desktop Not Working.

I've run into a remote machine that I cannot connect to via Radmin remote desktop (either View Only or Full Control). File Transfer and Telnet connect fine but remote desktop just shows a little loading screen and nothing ever happens:

Do all services work on the same port? (default 4899) I don't think this is a firewall issue since the other functions do work. Any idea what might be causing this?

How to move a license to a new PC

I just bought a license radmin 3 server
but come to put it on a wrong machine.
how can i delete it from the wrong PC and move to the correct PC readmin 3
with best regards

dual screen remote monitoring

I use a dual screen to monitor my radmin PC which had a single screen, is there any way I can utilize both screens ?
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