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Are there any known Radmin 3.5.2 issues with Laptop computers & Black Screen?

We have followed all instructions, and troubleshooting advice we can find on the Radmin Viewer Windows 10 black screen/black screen issu.  Our situation is W10 Radmin Viewer to W10 Radmin Server both running 3.5.2 and all the current updates.

We have tried Radmin Viewer on the local LAN and also from a remote workstation still black screen.

The machine are attempting to connect to is a Lenovo Thinkpad Gen 8 Carbon using the latest Intel® UHD drivers.

We would like to know

* Further suggestions to resolve this problem?

* Are other users also having the same problem?

* What is the technical reason of Radmin not working with W10?

* Can we expect any solution with future radmin viewer updates to the black screen/blank screen problem?

Edition    Windows 10 Pro
Version    21H1
Installed on    ‎7/‎4/‎2021
OS build    19043.1110
Experience    Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.3530.0

Display adapters.
Intel® UHD Graphics
Microsoft Remote Display Adapter

Generic Non-PNP Monitor
Wide viewing angle & High density FlexViewDisplay 3840X2160

RAdmin viewer on thin client ?


Can Radmin Viewer be installed on a thin client (style HP t740) ?


We purchased 200 licenses for your Radmin 3.5, certified for one hard disk drive, and copied and used them. However, please suggest a solution for copied hard disk drives. Because next to the license letter, it says that it is invalid.

RAdmin Window Crashing

We have had a user who is constantly having her Radmin window closing on her automatically.

This has happened over the past year.

Has anyone ever experienced this before If so, what was the fix?

Full Desktop view of Remote Dual-Monitor display

This is taken from your old URL which I don't see being moved to this new location. Here is the URL of the original post:

Radmin  needs to properly support multiple monitors. As it is we have to  implement an unacceptable workaround of launching multiple remote  control sessions in Radmin Viewer, each tied to a specific monitor.

This is NOT acceptable.

Folks,  this is the 21st century and multiple monitors is a way of life for  countless people. Monitors are so much cheaper these days than they used  to be and the number of users with 2 or more monitors has grown  exponentially. Radmin needs to natively support multiple monitors with  no painful and hokey workaround like we have now.

I  find it very disconcerting that the above topic was posted over 2 years  ago and the last response there was from November 2018 which outlined  the above "workaround". Even after almost 2 1/2 years Radmin has chosen  to do nothing about this!!

Please get this done.

Disable File Transfer functionality in RADMIN FULL CONTROL Window

Hello Team,

Is there any possible way If I can disable the File Transfer functionality from RADMIN FULL CONTROL Window ?

Please assist me on this.

Laxman Behera
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