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Digital signature for Radmin driver


After installation latest release of radmin server( on physical Windows Server 2008 R2 server we are unable connect with radmin. Problem is that Windows display radmin driver cannot verify digital signature.

More details in screenshot.

Any suggestions how to fix it ?

Thank you.

Zrušení licence na PC.

Dělatrý den,
rád bych zjistil, jak odebrat licenci na vyřazeném PC, aby se ukázala jako volná. Vyřazené PC se likviduje a SW byl odinstalovaný.


radmin to show HW machine

It is possible to inventory the hw of a remote computer, with some keyboard shortcut. EJ: hp dc 7800 and SN: XXXXX
My friend managed to show this information, but she doesn't remember how she did it, she did it by a shortcut of keys by mistake.

Radmin won`t to connect in Fullscreen mode.

Hi all,

We are using MS Windows 7 as Radmin Server 3.5.1.
Client installed on MS Windows Server 2019

I`m trying to connect to server in FullScreen mode, bur every time client connected in "windows" mode.
For connection i used this command line:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Radmin Viewer 3\Radmin.exe" /pbpath"C:\temp\reuters.rpb" /pbid:2 /noinput /fullscreen

What`s wrong?

Can not create a socket error!

For some reason I had to execute Radmin on the command line, but occasionally I encountered an error prompt that it couldn't build a socket.

My local system is Windows Server 2008 R2;
&Radmin 3.4;
&Remote server is Win7.

Has anyone ever encountered such a situation? Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you!

The Radmin server service does not always start.

Why does the service not always start automatically? If you run it manually, everything works.
win 7 (32 and 64) v. 3.5.2  
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