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Radmin on WinCE

Is it possible in 2020 to install Radmin Server on a WinCE 5.0 machine?

Radmin 3.5.2

May i have a licence key for radmin 3.5.2?

Strange sudden lag

Since 2-3 days I've experienced some very strange lag on my local network.
Been working for great for years and no changes has been made on lan.

Basically, one of my lan computers (ethernet connected) has suddenly turned notably laggy when controlling the (server) machine. As debug, I connected with another lan computer instead (via wifi) and it worked perfectly (with same quality settings etc).

I highly suspect one of the latest W10 updates (from last month) since laggy machine has them whilst the ok computer doesn't.

Hope for a fix

Cant create network with multiple Windows 10 computers


I am using Radmin VPN and Radmin Server, both installed on 5 computers running Windows 10. All of them I can see in network window in Windows 10, but I can only browse between 4 of them One computer cant acces folders via Explorer in Windows. Four remans have no problem to browse each other. Which setting enables browsing shared folders? On this one I get network error 0x80070035. Can you help me? I tried lot of changes,  Thanks.

Radmin can't connect

i install radmin i can't connect to computer it freeze at this image how can i do?

Rozpoczęcie pracy z domu podczas pandemii koronawirusa. Darmowa konfiguracja oprogramowania

Rozpoczęcie pracy z domu podczas pandemii koronawirusa.png

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