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How to run Radmin Viewer using Wine

Radmin has a platinum rating for Wine that means that it will be installed and run flawlessly in out-of-the-box Wine.

How to launch any application using Wine:


Getting Started with Wine

Before we go on installing and running applications in Wine, we should have a clear idea about a few things and about how to configure Wine for usage:


Windows applications need a C: drive. Wine uses a virtual C: drive for this purpose. The directory of this virtual C: drive is called wineprefix. First of all, we need to create a wineprefix. For doing that, fire up a terminal and enter this command:


This will create a wineprefix and open the configuration window for Wine. You can change the configuration options if you want or let it be as is for time being and close it. Now, you can locate the virtual C: drive at



WinePrefix C: Drive

The general rule is to install each new application into a fresh wineprefix. We can create and maintain multiple wineprefix manually. But that task would seem rather tedious for the beginners. So, we will skip that part for now. But, later I’m going to show the way for doing that part with ease.

Installing an Application with Wine

Installing a supported application in Wine is generally as easy as double-clicking on the installation file. However, we are now going to see a step-by-step guide for installing 7-zip on Wine.

  • First of all, check for 7-zip rating on Wine Application Database. It has a Platinum rating, so we are good to go.
  • Open Wine configuration ( winecfg ) and set the Windows Version to Windows 7.


Wine Windows 7

  • Right-click on the 7-zip installation file and select Open With Wine Windows Program Loader.


7-zip Installation File

  • See that destination folder path? 7-zip installation has recognized the virtual C: drive from wineprefix.


7-zip Setup Directory on Wine

  • Finish the installation.
  • Go to the installation directory [ $HOME/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/7-zip/ ] from the file browser.
  • Right-click on 7zFM.exe and go to Properties > Open With.


Set Default .exe Loader

  • Select Wine Windows Program Loader and close the window.
  • Double-click on 7zFM.exe


7-zip running with Wine

  • And there you go!
  • For creating a shortcut on your desktop, right click on the


Creating 7-zip shortcut

  • Now move the Link to Desktop.


Move shortcut to Desktop

  • Now, you can run 7-zip just from your desktop. All you have to do is double-click on the icon.


Run 7-zip from desktop

  • If you want to access your files on Linux, they are generally located in Z: Drive.


Linux directory in Z:drive

  • You can use the 7-zip just as you would use it on Windows – for extracting and creating archives and such.

The Instruction is taken from here

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