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PalWorld is an action-adventure survival game by Japanese developer Pocket Pair.

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Palworld 專用伺服器,無連接埠轉發

建立一個本地 Palworld 伺服器,最多可容納 32 位玩家,無需設定連接埠轉送:

步驟 1:安裝 Palworld
第一步是購買 Palworld 並將其安裝在您的電腦上。 前往 Steam 商店,找到 Palworld,然後購買遊戲。

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Palworld Dedicated Server without port forwarding

Create a local Palworld server for up to 32 players without setting up port forwarding:

Step 1: Install Palworld
The first step is to purchase and install Palworld on your computer. Go to the Steam store, find Palworld, and buy the game.

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