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How to host Minecraft minigames in LAN multiplayer

There are many players who have played on other public servers and they have many gamemodes other than survival and creative. Such as Hypixl it is the most popular server for mini-games and almost everyone knows about it. So let's get started and know how to play it using RadminVPN with friends.


-Step 1-
Download the Pre-Made Spigot servers pack for mini-games here (For Example I Will Be Showing Bedwars Ones As It Is Same Method For Others):
-Step 2-

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How To Fix Minecraft LAN Multiplayer

To Fix The Most Of Errors (Connection Timed Out, Unknown Host, etc),

We Will Install And Setup Spigot Host In Which The Most Of Errors Are Fixed Because It Is More Optimized Than Vanilla, Normal Ones.

Step 1
Download Spigot For Any Version Here.

Step 2
Put It In Any Empty Folder And Run The Jar File:

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RadminVPN no tiene acceso a Internet

Hola, les cuento, cuando instale el RadminVPN y cuando salio el mensaje (les dejo la siguiente imagen)
Yo le puse que no, y por eso no puedo hacer que mis amigos entren a mi servidor (eso creo). Porque les tira este error:
Si saben como hacer que RadminVPN pueda tener acceso a internet y que sea de Red privada me ayudaria.

Se busca jugadores para servidor Minecraft 1.15.2 con Forge

Buenas! estamos buscando gente seria, comprometida y buena onda para nuestro servidor privado técnico-estético. No es necesario que sepas de  minecraft técnico o saber construir, pero si necesitamos gente dispuesta  a aprender.

¡El servidor es totalmente gratis!

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Anyone up?

who wanna play minecraft java survival with me?
if you want to play then join the Minecraft (English 3) network and join my LAN (username is TheRealAayush and version is 1.16.2

Need A Player

Need a player who will play minecraft with me..
right now...
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