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auto disconnect and ping request time out

I am having problem while playing games using radmin.... After 10 to 15 min of successful connection it get disconnected..... If I will try to ping my friends it will show request time out.

Cant play minecraft together

Me and my friend have just download RadminVPN and we tried to connect to my server in Minecraft but i can join but he cant. I followed steps in your guide but it did not work either.

Schoolboy from Krasnodar builds his entire city in Minecraft

And it looks awesome!

Krasnodar is the South Russian city with other 1 mln population.

It took Vladislav Zanegin 2 years and 2,3 mln blocks. He wants to be an architect and I think he would be a great one!

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Radmin VPN : Как играть в майнкрафт по сети - Видео

под катом видео о том, как играть в майнкрафт по сети через Radmin VPN

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Minecraft play in LAN

With the last update Radmin VPN has Gaming networks for everybody!
4 Minecraft networks with 100 players in each!

Go to "Join network" and click on "Gaming network" tab and type in Minecraft in search.


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