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the radmin site does work

i downloaded radmin a long time ago, and i ask to my friend to download too, but the website does work and he cant download the vpn, give error everytime, can you pls help me?

I can't connect to my friends world.

Recently, I have been playing modded Minecraft with my brother, Nathan, and the lan world would not show for me so I used Radmin VPN. When he connects to my vpn and joins my world it works. However, when I connect to his I get this error:

Unable to connect to world$AnnotatedConnectException: Connection timed out: No further information.

That is weird because he can connect to my world but I can't connect to his. I tried everything. I told him to make a server and deleted mine. Nothing works. (Also I used the Better Loading Screen mod which is why the image looks weird.)

Lights are always yellow

Hello, I promoted your Radmin VPN on the official website of Minecraft Chinese, but I received a lot of feedback, such as
Three people and one yellow light, you can only use Ranger

Really tried it, the two green lights are really without delay, but the three of us ca n’t help it, and the vpn is annoying that sometimes it keeps getting stuck

Mysterious software, sometimes all three are yellow

yzy1256925693:Excuse me, Radmin VPN is disconnected from the server after it is opened. It is always in the "connecting" state. I can't connect to it anymore, and I can't create and join the network. What's the reason?

And after my experiments, many people really ca n’t use it, because he is always in the yellow light, and the use is for games, and there will be no good experience if the delay is high. Is there any way to fix it?

Minecraft Server

Does anyone know why when i create a server my friend goes into it, then she gets kicked out and when she tries to log in again she loses all the items.

If you can't see your friends in Minecraft

Also you can add your game .exe file to the firewall exceptions here is how to do it in Windows 10

Please allow me to reprint Radmin VPN

 我想将Radmin VPN转载至中国最大的Minecraft论坛),这可以吗?我帖子已经编写好了,我用了很多的时间....

I want to republish Radmin VPN to (China's largest Minecraft forum), can I? My post has been written (currently under review) and I also used background music. It took a long time........

Hope is allowed

2019 Minecraft's latest Java connection - Radmin VPN
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