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If you can't see any games in Minecraft

Check out this video! Helped me a lot!

Please allow me to reprint Radmin VPN

 我想将Radmin VPN转载至中国最大的Minecraft论坛),这可以吗?我帖子已经编写好了,我用了很多的时间....

I want to republish Radmin VPN to (China's largest Minecraft forum), can I? My post has been written (currently under review) and I also used background music. It took a long time........

Hope is allowed

2019 Minecraft's latest Java connection - Radmin VPN
Https://   (not currently viewable)
(Source: Minecraft (My World) Chinese Forum)

How to create a server in Minecraft

Here is top blogger explains how to make a server and using Radmin VPN in the set up as well

Unable to connect to server host

The other day we started playing minecraft via radmin VPN, but today i couldnt connect to the host. In VPN my friend appears to be "loading" and if i check the register it says "error: 0x7000003ed". Its strange because yesterday we were playing and we didnt change anything but now i cant join.

auto disconnect and ping request time out

I am having problem while playing games using radmin.... After 10 to 15 min of successful connection it get disconnected..... If I will try to ping my friends it will show request time out.

Cant play minecraft together

Me and my friend have just download RadminVPN and we tried to connect to my server in Minecraft but i can join but he cant. I followed steps in your guide but it did not work either.
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