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C&C: Generals - Zero Hour

How to play in C&C Generals: Zero hour with Radmin VPN We are a C&C: Generals - Zero Hour community. Here we share our servers, experience and ask for help. Join our discord server.

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C&C:Generals-Zero Hour[العربية 3]

C&C:Generals-Zero Hour[العربية 5]

C&C:Generals-Zero Hour[العربية 3]

C & C: الجنرالات - ساعة الصفر [العربية 3]

C&C ShockWave EX Patch

An extension for Shockwave mod that balances things further & adds to the mod.

The edit aims at tuning down SFX & sci-fi\futuristic concepts the mod had introduced and at giving the player more options & playstyles such as GLA Air, Kwai ranged support units, 2nd class artillery w\ limited RoF, etc.

Some content are original, some are reused assets in placeholder\permanent status.

Mod Page.

Discord Invite.

Changelog relative to Shockwave 1.21.

Command and conquer Shockwave Server

Hello everyone! I would like to introduce you to our new official server C&C PlayRoom server, we will be working on growing a big community with big opportunities! anyone is welcome to join!
we're currently looking for content creators and discord staff! if you are interested in working or playing with us come Join us on discord

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