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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

from all the Famatech team!

Thank you for using our software. We wish you a fun and productive year to come.

General networking

Can i change my IP?

Hey, can i change my IP? Theres a registry-path with ip4 and ip6.
General networking

Sharing folder using radmin vpn ?

I'm trying to share folders between different windows pc in the same radmin private network but it seems not working.
Is there a step-by-step guide on how to do this ?

General networking

Create Network, Reinstall Radmin, Have the same Network?


1. i create a network: Network1
2. Some users join

3 . Then i reinstall radmin

How can i recreate the network? (because the network is alredy there). But i wan´t to be able to administreate the network again.

Thank you
Water Cooler


Hi everybody! I think we can build our game community in Radmin! I remember the days before tunngle died, and that was amazing! So I think we must to build our community with many games! I don't know how can we start maybe a facebook or discord group first! After that we need to invite many people!!! And secondory we need LAN games and play! What do you think guys?
General networking

How to track your network data usage in Windows 10

Found this advice by Ed Bott and it's pretty helpful.

When your Windows 10 PC is connected to a network with data limits or steep
pay-as-you-go charges, it's crucial to monitor your data usage so you don't end
up with a surprise on your bill.

The best way to accomplish that task is by telling Windows 10 that the
connection is metered, and then monitoring your usage fr om that connection.
You'll find all the controls you need in Settings > Network & Internet.

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