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No Manufacturer/MAC address info...

We have several subnets at work, and when scanning IP blocks not on the same subnet as my workstation, the manufacturer, MAC, and other columns of info are always blank. Is there something I need to check/uncheck in order to make this information appear?

Change IP on device

Just downloaded Advanced IP Scanner. I really like it.
Is it possible to change a device IP?   What about making an IP static?
If not can anyone recommend a simple program?

I have T Mobile internet.  It is very limited to what you can do.  Can't even see the devices on the internet.

I added a router and that solved the problem but it had a different IP address and it just screwed up the network at times.
I finally just removed the router and went to a switch. That performed well but I can't change IP  or make dedicated ips.

Returning mac address of remote pc rather tan mac address of vpn tunnel to the pc

Hi Ipscanner support staff,
Is possible to get your scanner to return the mac address of the pc/network card in the remote pc connected via vpn.

my pc -> ipscanner -> ip in vpn range -> ip sent down vpn -> to remote network

remote network->vpn -> ipscanner ->my pc

returned into looks like this
ManufacturerMAC address
Fortinet Inc.00:09:0F:AA:00:02
Fortinet Inc.00:09:0F:AA:00:02
Fortinet Inc.00:09:0F:AA:00:02
Fortinet Inc.00:09:0F:AA:00:02
which is incorrect because the remote pc are built by dell or dell/emc

fortinet is the vpn ew use

Robert Fernando

2nd instance of my desktop with IP from Russia

I've been struggling with malware on my machines for a while.  A few days after clean install on my machine, I ran a scan and got a weird result - two instances of my device, one as expected and the other a remote host with an IP ( that resolves to an ISP based in  

what are these extra devices

I ran Advanced IP Scanner & found not only my 5 devices, but also 250 other IP addresses. Is that a problem? How do I shut them down?

I have 2 Smart TVs, one Kindle Fire, one router, & one computer on my Wifi. We usually have 96.5 Mbps yet we have problems with buffering & slowing off the tvs & the kindle. Is someone else using my internet?

Automatic periodic scan...

... would be a very nice new feature.
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