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Scan show wrong MAC


I have found some interesting case in my network. Hope somebody could logically explain it.

Situation is as follows:
One linux box (debian Linux) have two network interface. One called eth0 with IP A.B.C.33 and MAC xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:48 and second one, eth1 with MAC xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:49. eth0 is on VLAN 1 and eth1 has 3 IPs, each on different VLAN (101, 102, 102) and none IP on VLAN 1. When running Advanced IP scanner it detects IP A.B.C.33 with MAC xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:49 instead of xx:xx:xx:xx:48.
But arp table on computer where Advanced IP scanner was running shows correct MAC xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:48.

I could not understood nor explain this! Does anyone have any theory why this happen? (on the linux box there is no bridging)



New Advanced IP Scanner 2.5.1 released!

New version has been recently released.

What’s new:

  • MAC-address list was updated for more precise vendor detection

  • More precise service detection

  • Fixed a bug with console version freezing

  • ХР support discontinued

  • “Wake-On-LAN” item in shortcut menu moved  from «Advanced» section  to “Tools” section
Download the latest version

PC on network - IP Scanner Can't Find

Wife sits at her PC next to where I sit at my PC. We are on the same network. We both access internet through the same ethernet LAN. Her PC can access my PC, but I can't access hers, because IP Scanner does not find her PC. Why? Is there a solution?

avoslocker ransomware

Can you tell me if your software is safe ? Because every website that talk about AvosLocker is talking about your software.
Can you explain how your software is related to AvosLocker ?

Thank you,

Some names displayed, some names are not

Curious issue.  Using Advanced IP Scanner latest version, scanning our management subnet for our main campus switches and finding that most report back their hostnames but some do not.  Screenshot clip uploaded.

I cannot see why this would happen.  All these switches are the same model running the same firmware and software load with the same SNMP configuration.  

Any thoughts or ideas I'm wide open at this point.


Danish Translation


I wrote an email  month ago, about the translation of the Advenced ip scanner in danish, could you please tell me where i can edit the danish translation on github, or send me the files, because your version is when portible "running like a sport" not" Not the meaning of the English word "Run" on portble applications.

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