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I ran an IP scan, how do I get rid the extra active ports?

I have attached a screen shot of the results.
ip scan.odt (98.46 Kb)

IP Scan found unexpected devices

I ran an IP scan on 192.168.1-254.1-254 and in addition to the expect results of devices I found the following five entries:

Status,Name,IP,Radmin,Http,Https,Ftp,Rdp,Shared folders,Shared printers,NetBIOS group,Manufacturer,MAC address,User,Date,Comments
On,,,,Verizon Router (lighttpd 1.4.38),Tunnel is ssl: lighttpd 1.4.38,,,,,,,00:00:00:00:00:00,,,

I've been wondering for awhile how our solar panels on the roof send in their data, I know they connect to our internet somehow before the router, I've never detected their presence.   Does anybody recognize the above addresses and syntax?

Update a few days later - I ran a scan on 192.0-255.0-255.0-255 and found about 5000 sites.  I thought 192 was reserved for NAT,does anybody know what external addresses are left unimplemented for NAT?  On the business side it seems to be 10, as in

WOW! Huge Muck-Up!

Apparently I've got some kind of nasty in my PC.  My Advanced IP Scanner started doing strange things, like repeating the same device under different IP Addresses (duplicating MAC Addresses and all!)  It doesn't save my renaming, and it copies comments to other devices.  I thought I had a bad install, so I uninstalled and downloaded the latest version.  That didn't cure it, so I'm going to try a reboot, and if that doesn't work, I'm going to tear apart my laptop to figure out what the hell is going on.  

Before I do that, though, has anyone else seen this problem?  

Rookie Question: Why does my desktop PC have two IP addresses?

Running Advanced IP Scanner 2.5.3850.  My upstairs server shows up twice in the scan, once with IP address x.x.x.103 and once with x.x.x.108.  Two different MAC addresses, as well.  I have one and only one Network Interface, an Ethernet card.  

Can someone explain this to me?  You will be rewarded generously....with more questions!  

Advanced Ip Scanner does not show users

Hi, I have a problem with Advanced IP Scanner. Active users using Windows 10 do not appear after scanning the network. Why is this happening? It only shows me the users of Windows 7 or XP, but not in Windows 10. Help.


Good morning, you tried to disable the firewall completely in Windows 10 and I still have the same problem. In the domain there are computers that cannot be found by the user. This problem also happens in Windows 7. There are computers in my network that if I see from other computers and those same computers from other computers I don't see them. I don't understand why this is happening. But Firewall is not.

My Advance Ip Scanner shows 256 active results.

What does that mean? Is it normal ? How come more than 200 hundred devices are connected to my domestic router? What can I do about?
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