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Could no establish connection

Having scanned my network and clicking on any item other than the hub or pc, I get the message 'Could not establish connection to the remote host "ip"'
Why is this?

Where is IP Scanner data stored

I would like to transfer my edited name and comment fields from a Windows tablet to my desktop, as I did a lot of editing and would like to avoid doing it again. Is it stored in a place that I can get to?
Nice application. Thanks!

IP Range

Hi all.
I just downloaded IP Scanner to try.
I've been trying many scans, ans some work but others don't.
So I thought I'd try - but it wouldn't even start.

Is there a max range of IP to scan?


over populated network

I scan my network and get over 1500 devices. My network consists of about 25 or lesws device. Where has all the others come from.
ip address m to
I have no address reserved.
Also the names come up with ip address and  unknownbc98df62853b.home    BC:98:DF:62:85:3B
any idea what this is and how to correct it. I just up dated to the

newest version yo have listed


Scan shows IP addresses that cannot be reached

Hi there,
Installed a new modem and all local IP addresses now start with 172 rather than 192.
I have an IP camera and have reset it and trying to scan to find it's new IP address.
The scan shows the 'old' IP address beginning with '192' as 'live' and yet I cannot access the device.
Can anyone advise how I get rid of the old IP address?

Renaming a device

How can I rename a device without the IP address being added to the name?  Somehow I've accidentally done it several times, but can't figure out how.
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