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Scan other Vlans


When i scan other Vlans it shows everything alive and mac address and manufacturer from switch.
and i cant use wake on lan command.
For example my ip is and i try to scan

PS Sorry for my english

New Active IP Addresses all of a sudden?

Hi all,

I've used this for a few months and have had only 12 active ip address all used showing up. I got a new VPN and now there's 227 active unused ip addresses. How do I rectify this?

My router only has 19 allocated ip addresses if that helps any.


Not saving device names

Correct me if I'm wrong, but when I change the name of a device to something I recognize, isn't that supposed to be saved to a database somewhere, so that the next time I run the program, that field gets populated with my inputs?  Isn't that the whole idea?   Cuz mine ain't doing that.  If I run the program, change the device names, then wait a few days and run it again, they're all gone, and I'm looking at device names like "amazon-7c47702ef.lan".  Is there a switch or an option I'm supposed to set?

248 unknown ports. How do I get those to disconnect from my router?

After running an IP scan I have 6 active ports, which is correct.  However there are 248 unknown ports.  How do I get those to disconnect from my router?

Why No MAC Address?

I've had to create VLANs.  Prior to making the changes, I got IP and MAC information.  Since I implemented the VLANs Advanced IP can ping devices on another VLAN, but no longer reports the MAC address for those devices.

What could cause that?

I ran an IP scan, how do I get rid the extra active ports?

I have attached a screen shot of the results.
ip scan.odt (98.46 Kb)
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