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2nd instance of my desktop with IP from Russia

I've been struggling with malware on my machines for a while.  A few days after clean install on my machine, I ran a scan and got a weird result - two instances of my device, one as expected and the other a remote host with an IP ( that resolves to an ISP based in  

what are these extra devices

I ran Advanced IP Scanner & found not only my 5 devices, but also 250 other IP addresses. Is that a problem? How do I shut them down?

I have 2 Smart TVs, one Kindle Fire, one router, & one computer on my Wifi. We usually have 96.5 Mbps yet we have problems with buffering & slowing off the tvs & the kindle. Is someone else using my internet?

Automatic periodic scan...

... would be a very nice new feature.

Can I Track Static IPs

It doesn't look like IP Scanner tracks static IPs. Is there a way I can do that?

Name column

I wonder why the same name on a ip adresse is coming up when I changes to a new unit with another MAC adresse there is getting the same ip. adresse. Hove do I reset name the name column.

Error Code 123

I have successfully installed it on two other computers OS (WIN10).  However, this computer gives me error code 123.  Can't figure out what is blocking a successful install.  Tried with anti-virus off...though that did not affect success on other machines.
Suggestions please.
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