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How do I completely clear or delete the scanned results

I have followed the following link and cleared local as well as server DNS cache. Keep getting a computer name for an IP address of a Cisco VoIP phone.

export/import remarks accross multiple AIP scanner instances

I use Advanced IP Scanner on multiple Windows machines on the same network. On one machine I created Remarks for all scanned devices (for better recognizion), now if start Advanced IP Scanner on the other machine, all remarks are empty (logical because different program instance).
Is it possible to have Advanced IP Scanner export / import scans ? so that remarks (based on MAC addresses) can be imported/exported on different machines?

name shows inverse dns

hello. when i do a scan, the field name, instead of showing the device name, it displays the inverse dns (arpa) notation ( why is that happening? can you help me?

Laik: Help for help

Ahoj, já jsem Laik. Pro jakou verzi programu je nápověda na adrese „“? Mám verzi „v2.5.3850 pro Windows“. V mém programu není žádná položka „Akce“, která je na obrázcích nápovědy. Proto prosím o radu. Děkuji.

not picking up valid IP addresses

I am currently using as a filter,,,
I am not picking up many addresses, such as

Help me understand what I am doing wrong.


All IPs in a subnet are erroneously found

I have been using Advanced IP Scanner for years but I've noticed for the past year or so when scanning an entire subnet either using CIDR notation ( or range ( the software returns results for all IP addresses even though I know only a couple are active.

Results show Manufacturer="CIMSYS Inc" and MAC address="00:11:22:33:44:55" for all results.
This makes the software useless if it is going to show false positives.  In the Options, I have tried enabling "High-accuracy scanning" but it has no effect.
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