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diagram the network through the result of ip scanner

Hello, can you use any tool to diagram the network through the result of ip scanner?

Device's name query

I've noticed that when I scan my network the name for my networking gear (switches, routers) will appear only if the snmp community name is "public".
Is there a way to change the snmp community for the scan?

Name incorrect

Doing a scan, the names listed are incorrect.  They are names of devices that were at that IP YEARS ago, but not currently.

A ping -a of these ips shows a correct system name

Advanced IP Scanner is showing devices that don’t exist

I have two homes in different states.  I recently moved one of my desktop PCs (Win 10) from home #1 to home #2.  Advanced IP Scanner is correctly showing all of the devices in home #2 but it is also still showing some of the devices that are located in home #1 (most of which are currently powered off).

Why is it doing that?  How can I set it to show only devices that are currently connected to the current local network?

mac address vendors update


I remark that last huawai router (A4:B6:1E:04:xxxx) and ESP32 (4c-11-ae) are not identified manufacturers.
So I was thinking that may be the mac_interval_tree.txt should be updatable online, don't you think ?

Best regards.

PS: this forum is bugged : when you make a second post it copy the content of the first post you have done  :facepalm:  

Bug with cache when using portable mode

Hi,  I use the portable version of advanced ip scanner. I put it in a  dropbox and use it on multiple computers.

I remark that I have often bad  names from old scan on other network. So I have to clear the cache in the options.

An example : 2 scan on 2 differents network and I found the same name on the 2 network.

It seems that the scanner see that the IP is the same, it don't find any name and take the name in the cache without checking if the MAC @ is different !

May be an option to disable MAC cache could be useful for all those use  av ip scanner on multiple computer ?
Or just a button in the interface to clean the cache quickly ?Btw, thanks for this great software.... It could be even better in open source ;)
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