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Radmin VPN

Alternate for Radmin VPN client

The Radmin-VPN client is not working for Linux.
Is there another VPN client that can be used to connect to the Radmin-VPN Network?
And what are the connection settings for such client.

Thank you.
Radmin VPN

Management and Security with Radmin VPN?

Hi Folks,

I'm trying to determine if it's appropriate to use Radmin VPN for certain folks. I have two concerns.

There doesn't seem to be a management interface for the VPNs. I can remove a peer fr om another computer from the initial machine I set up, but what if that computer dies. Do I need to wipe all of existing VPN peers and start over?

The 2nd issue is more important, and wh ere the primary concern is. How do I know that the VPN is secure from eaves dropping, and packet sniffing by FAMATECH?

Without knowing this I can't tell if it's safe to use by most of my clients.


How to change Radmin built-in user password through View or API ?

Hi all,

I have thousands of servers hosting Radmin Server V3, they all use built-in user/password rather than  Windows NT authentication.

Radmin password have to be changed periodically according to our policy requirement.

I hope to write some code to implement change password.

Is there any API on Radmin server or any API on Radmin View software ?

Thank you.

Radmin very slow if scrolling, such as in Excel?

I am connecting remotely with Radmin and noticed that it is very slow with window scrolling, and sometimes with window dragging or resizing.

Take an Excel spreadsheet. Even and empty one, when I switch to a different sheet, I can see the window redraw vertically and very slowly taking about a second. If I scroll down in an empty sheet it appears smooth.
But if the sheet has anything in it, the scrolling is very slow constantly doing a full refresh like when switching sheets.
This slowdown does not happen with all apps and some can scroll fine but most become very slow like Excel.
I can also see the same when moving windows. I move it and it takes a second or 2 to draw it in the new spot, but some windows draw quickly.
RDP or TeamViewer do not have the same issues with scrolling or dragging, but Radmin is faster for the entire screen, just some small windows are very slow.

All systems have the same behavior. 3.5.2 server and client. Windows 10 64 1909, Win 7 64 sp1. Excel 365.

I am wondering if there is some server or client tweak to stop this behavior? Thank you.

Monitoring Remote Desktop sessions

We want to connect to the RDP session for remote maintenance. A similar scenario was described in this posting:

Is your statement still valid?
>> Unfortunately, Radmin is not compatible with Remote Desktop. It is not recommended to use more than one remote access tools on the same computer. <<

Thanks and best regards
Radmin VPN


I want to change my country to Argentina with this VPN. Can i do it? and how?
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