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Radmin Server Timeout

Is there a configurable Connection Timeout for an established Client Server pairing?  Several of our employees connect from home [running the Viewer] to their Office Workstation [running the Server], and "randomly" and of course at an inopportune time, the connection to the Office Workstation is lost. I attribute this to the Remote ISP and the fact that the majority of other users have rock solid connections to their Office Workstations.  Also, a continuous Ping running on the home systems to the Cisco Router at the office drops at this time.  I have, of course, also checked the internal office Network, and from the Router to the Switch to the Workstations in question, it is a rock solid connection... ZERO ping drops over several days, other than Workstation restarts. The employees are using different ISPs and have Download speeds in excess of 60Mbps, and Upload speeds in excess of 20Mbps.  Unfortunately I have not been able to examine that speed just prior to the Ping drops, but the latency on the continuous Ping does not rise precipitously. I have also had the employees stop or remove all streaming applications that may be hogging the Internet - same for other users on their home Networks. So, in the end, I see no conection to the time of day, or day of the week, that these disconects have.  Connecting via an Ethernet Cable or Wi-Fi, either 2.4GHz or 5GHz, to their home Router does not affect the disconnects.  Home Workstation are a mixture of Windows 10 and Windows 11, Office Workstations are all Windows 11 Pro 64bit.  Remote connections are all established via TCP Port Forwards in the Cisco Router.  Obviously running the latest builds of Radmin Server and Viewer - v3.5.2.1.

Using RadminVPN resolved the disconnect issue, but it impacts screen updates to a noticeable, and annoying, margin.

Is there a way to configure the Radmin Server, and or Viewer, to not freak out and drop the connection at the loss of a few Pings? Can I push the existing timeout to a higher/lower threshold on communications loss?

Radmin VPN

Connection Problem

Hello, I'm a new RADMIN Vpn user, I'm looking for an alternative to Hamachi VPN,, here I encountered problems on several computers that after I installed Radmin between 1 to 2 days it went well, but the next day the connection was lost because internet access suddenly disappeared, , but after I changed the ip several times, radmin came back to life.. and so on for days later.. I checked the network diagnostics, the DNS was not responding and I tried several times to do a dns flush.. the results were the same except I changed the computer's IP. I.

Radmin VPN

Connection with one user is very slow while fast for others

Hi guys,

I've been having this problem where my Radmin VPN connection for one of my friend is STUPIDLY slow while for other friends my connection to them is lightning fast.

As you can see here, my connection with henry is 200ms while for Rekki it's 9ms. Any fix for this?
Radmin VPN

Waiting for adapter response issue

Hello Support.
I downloaded Radmin VPN from the official site. The first strange act that i saw is the super slow instalation process.
I just have to wait around 10 minutes to complete the instalation, which is insane slow, before months it wasnt like that.
And second and basic problem is the "Waiting for adapter response". I tried to reinstall, disable all kind of antivirus and etc...
and nothing. I just have no idea what else can i do. I would love if someone help me. Thanks in advance.
Advanced IP Scanner

Remote Scann over VPN does not work under Windows 11

using Advanced IP Scanner for several years under Windows 7 and Windows 10. I
could scan remote networks over a VPN connection. This has changed with Windows
11. When I scan a remote network connected via VPN, I only see the remote
Gateway but nothing else. The same network scan runs fine under Windows 10. Has
someone seen the same problem?
Advanced Port Scanner

Can not seem to get UDP ports to be seen

I have just installed the software and performed my first scan,  and set the port range to the right of the IP range to All UDP ports 1-65535 but the scan is displaying  
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