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Advanced IP Scanner

Desktop showing two different IP's, MAC and MFG name.

my desktop is showing two different IPs, macs and mfg name after scan.  Why is this pls?

Suggestion for new functionality: Radmin native game status in the rooms

It would be interesting if Radmin had a game status like Discord and showed which game people in the room are playing, this would make it easier to find groups to play in.
Advanced Port Scanner

Open source Advanced Port Scanner

First of all I would like to thank the creator of🚀 Advanced Port Scanner for creating such an amazing piece of software.

This software is ❤️. It has made life so much easier. I was intrigued by how and using what technologies it was made with,
and this had sparked my interest into programming world.

Whoever created these suite of softwares deserves more praise and needs to come out publicly.

Last but not least, please if possible make it open-source as it is great learning material and as it is already free it would grow more rapidly with community contributions.

Thank You ❤️

Failure to Receive Activation Key for Radmin (Remote Administrator) 3.5

Dear Radmin Support Team,

I am reaching out to you regarding an issue I have encountered with my recent purchase; the Standard License for Radmin (Remote Administrator) 3.5.

Purchase details are as follows;

I have successfully completed the payment process for this software, however, I am still yet to receive the activation key.

To facilitate smooth operation, the key is crucial and its absence is causing significant interruptions to the process for which the software was intended. It is also leading to the loss of valuable time that was top be put to productive use.

Your quick attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to contact me for any additional information that you may need to expedite this process.

I trust that this mishap is merely an oversight and not reflective of your usually reliable customer service. Anticipating a prompt resolution to this concern.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Kind Regards
Advanced Port Scanner

no phones or wifi printer

Hi, I'm Running advance wifi scanner v2.5.4594.1 for windows when i scan i cannot see my epson printer or my two phones
that are on my home network same workgroup that my laptop is on

why does it no
Radmin VPN

Remover computadores da lista

Boa tarde,

Sempre que formato um computador, ele continua aparecendo offline na lista de computadores na rede Radmin vpn, como faço para excluir estes computadores e não aparecerem mais.
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