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How to check encryption?

how do i check if Radmin and Radmin VPN are really using AES256 encryption and it is also very important to know about their privacy policy.  Although the websites of these applications say that they have a no-logs policy, there are many websites on the Internet that say otherwise.ш
Advanced IP Scanner

New Advanced IP Scanner 2.5.1 released!

New version has been recently released.

What’s new:

  • MAC-address list was updated for more precise vendor detection

  • More precise service detection

  • Fixed a bug with console version freezing

  • ХР support discontinued

  • “Wake-On-LAN” item in shortcut menu moved  from «Advanced» section  to “Tools” section
Download the latest version
Advanced IP Scanner

PC on network - IP Scanner Can't Find

Wife sits at her PC next to where I sit at my PC. We are on the same network. We both access internet through the same ethernet LAN. Her PC can access my PC, but I can't access hers, because IP Scanner does not find her PC. Why? Is there a solution?
Radmin VPN

I want to format my pc

I want to format my pc and I'm afraid if I do it the ip address will recreate so I can't access the same things in some games
like stardew valley and minecraft

Detects that the local computer has connected to the remote computer

Hello,I would like to create an application in VisualStudio to detect when a local computer connects to a remote computer via LAN using Radmin.I would appreciate any help.
Thank you.
Advanced IP Scanner

avoslocker ransomware

Can you tell me if your software is safe ? Because every website that talk about AvosLocker is talking about your software.
Can you explain how your software is related to AvosLocker ?

Thank you,
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