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Radmin VPN

Caida Radmin Servidores


Que será que ocurre tengo todos los servidores de RADMIN Caídos los clientes no ahí problema,

Favor su ayuda.

Radmin VPN

the older version of radmin vpn 1.1.11 cannot be removed

installation failed with error code 1603. I've been trying to install radmin vpn but it keeps on failing please help asap.
Radmin VPN

RADMIN VPN free version

Hi! Gene here, I'm just new with RADMIN VPN (free version).

Have a question with the 150 max. connection, is this thru even if you create multiple networks within one RADMIN VPN installation, or is it 150 connections per network created?

Thank you.
Radmin VPN

Best Router "Port forwarding" configuration

I am using Radmin-VPN to connect my computer to other in other city.  
It works very well, but when I transfer big file from one computer to the other, the connection speed is near to 5Mbps. Meanwhile when I transfer files without using of Radmin-VPN the connection speed is near to 20Mbps.

There is a Router configuration, like "Port forwarding", that I can apply to one of my local networks to increase speed connection?

Advanced IP Scanner

what are these extra devices

I ran Advanced IP Scanner & found not only my 5 devices, but also 250 other IP addresses. Is that a problem? How do I shut them down?

I have 2 Smart TVs, one Kindle Fire, one router, & one computer on my Wifi. We usually have 96.5 Mbps yet we have problems with buffering & slowing off the tvs & the kindle. Is someone else using my internet?
Radmin VPN

radmin vpn administrator pc crash

my radmin vpn administrator pc crashed
so now i am in the vpn network but do not have administrator rights
is there a way to get the administrator rights back with the same network name

thank you  
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