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Advanced IP Scanner

A repo for mac address vendors update

Hi, a lot of manufacturers were missing during my scans so I have updated the mac list and I share it with you :

++ !
Radmin VPN

retrieve VPN Network

Hi, I had created one VPN network which is lost after format of system. I want to get that network back. Can anyone suggest how. I have registry filed backed up.

Thanks & Regards
Radmin VPN

Connecting forever

When i press the power button it keep saying connecting and not connect to network
Before that i reset the adapter(my adapter) then the "connecting forever" happen

Radmin Mirror V3 Driver not signed


I have installed "Radmin Server 3.5.2" in a PC with Windows 7 Ultimate (SP1). I can not connect in control or view mode from Radmin Viewer. Only for transfer files. I have seen that the device "Radmin Mirror V3" is not ok. It is with a yellow traingle exclamation and with code 52 (The driver is not digitally signed). Please, I need help with this problem. How could I resolve it? Thank you.
Radmin VPN

how to fix this error

i just dowloaded the radmin VPN,i finished the setup part, after that it just registering for me, and it stuck at completing registration, i check the log then it said that was err:0x7000003f0, can anyone help me to fix this pls, im using the radmin at a internet store  
Radmin VPN

New Radmin VPN version 1.2.1 has been released!

We implemented several new features. The main one is that now you can add software to firewall exceptions right from Radmin VPN interface:

System -> Firewall Exceptions -> Add application -> Choose any application to add to firewall exceptions.

If you’re struggling to see people on the servers within the game you should add your game here.

Firewall exceptions.png

To delete the software from the firewall exceptions list just click on it again in the Firewall Exceptions menu:
delete from firewall exceptions.png

Also, connectivity with servers and between nodes has improved.

And now on System-> Exit you can shut down Radmin VPN and all its connections.

The language choosing menu is now on  System -> Settings

If you have Radmin VPN installed it should be auto-updated. If not download the latest version here.

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