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Users limit in networks + Important suggestions


I am using the Radmin VPN for 2 years already. I  own the game and the server, which consists of 6 private networks and  each network have the master server PC joined in. I would like to switch  my 6 private networks to  1 gaming network but I heard that gaming network also have a limit of  150 users (same with a private network).

The question: what will happen when the limit of  gaming network will be reached? Will the new gaming network will be  created automatically or what will happen?

As an experienced game and server owner, I have to give important suggestions to make Radmin VPN friendlier for developers:

1) Add an option for an automatical network  cleaning. If user was not online for XX days / hours, he will be  automatically kicked fr om the network.

2) Add a function (button) to clean the network  based on provided txt file, which include an array of users’ IP’s that  should be kicked or kept. I have to clean my networks manually every few  days based on the log of  the game server, which stores IP addresses of recently played users.  Currently, it is a pain in the ass to manually copy an IP of every user  (150 users and 6 networks) in Radmin VPN and search for it in the log  file (array of white IP’s) to make sure that  I don’t kick a recently active player.

3) Add a function (button) to export a list of all  users in the network to clipboard or to txt/xls file (PC name + IP  address + Rights: administrator / user / guest). For example, following  list can be the output of that  function:

Desktop1-PC (tab) (tab) User

Desktop2-PC (tab) (tab) Administrator

4) Do not count offline users to the network  lim it. Instead, just count only simultaneously connected users. It is a  huge issue right now, because there may be only 20 players online, while  network is full already (150  users, including offline users who may not play the game for days).

5) Add console (cmd) commands to make Radmin VPN friendlier to server / game developers:

connect “network1” “1234” “network2” “1234” “network3” “1234”

connect firstAvailable “network1” “1234” “network2” “1234” “network3” “1234”

disconnect “network1” “1234” “network2” “1234” “network3” “1234”

usersList all  “C:/users.txt” “network1” “1234” “network2” “1234”

usersList user “C:/users.txt” “network1” “1234” “network2” “1234”

usersList guest “C:/users.txt” “network1” “1234” “network2” “1234”

cleanBasedOnWhitelist “C:/white_IPs.txt” “network1” “1234” “network2” “1234”

cleanBasedOnBlacklist “C:/black_IPs.txt” “network1” “1234” “network2” “1234”

These commands can be nicely integrated into the  game code. For example, when user launch the game, a cmd command  “connect firstAvailable” will be executed and Radmin VPN will connect a  user to the first network in the  provided list, which didn’t reach a network limit yet. When user quit  the game a cmd command “disconnect” will kick the user from network and  leave a spot for the new / active players. That will be beneficial for  both game developer and Radmin VPN, since there  will be less users in the network to store and to work on.

5.5) Instead of cmd commands which may run into a  different errors, provide an API / SDK  (C++) to integrate Radmin VPN  into the game code and properly use the commands I suggested above.

That’s all. I came to these features after using  Radmin VPN for my project for 2 years. I hope you will improve the  program and make it developers’ friendly, rather than just users  friendly.

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Thank you for using our software! Making future releases we always take into consideration our customers' wishes. The feature you have requested is not implemented yet so we have added your request to our wishlist.

>> The question: what will happen when the limit of  gaming network will be  reached? Will the new gaming network will be  created automatically or  what will happen?
No, new network wont be created. All new users who want to connect wont be able to connect and they will get a message about this network limit.

There is an update. Only online users are considered in public networks. We can create new one, if these current networks have reached their limit. Whats your public network name?
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