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This is community for all the games which don't have their dedicated communities yet. Please share guides on how to join the games via Radmin VPN. You can share your servers, experience and ask for help. Join our discord server.

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Dayz Reimagined Server Features

A completely free way to play DayZ

Custom launcher/updater
Advanced group/party/territory system
Custom Basebuilding and simple baseraiding system
Leaderboard Rankings
Scavenger AI Bot Camps
Personal Stash (mmorpg type of bank system)
Helicopters and Boats
Daily Login Rewards
Hundreds of highly cutomizable gear and weapons
Actions in cars like eating, drinking and many ohers
Many unique items like exoskeletons, GPS, IRPS
Secret underground bunker
Unique Locations like Health Resort, Custom Traders, Custom Military bases
Keycard locations
Unique dangers :)
Care Packages
Balanced and organized economy
Military items are organized by tiers

Tons of QOL adjustments and many premium mods not found anywhere else


Bionic Commando

Guys join the Bionic Commando PC multiplayer community:

Silent Hunter Multiplayer

Good day sailors our aim is to keep the silent hunter alive as many of us still love it, we created a multiplayer group on discord and we have successfully connected all players we host games daily, our server runs 24 hours if you are interested you may join here, thank you

Star Trek Armada troubleshooting

Hi all,
I'm trying to play Star Trek Armada with my friend using Radmin. When we're connected to each other's networks (or to the Star Trek Armada gaming server, doesn't seem to make a difference either way) we can see each other's games in the server list (in-game) but can't connect to them. We have tried disabling firewalls and changing app rules within firewalls but nothing changes. I can't adjust ports on my router either as it's provided by my ISP and I can't figure out any way to access its configuration

SacredOnlineCommunity into RadminVPN

I have installed RadminVPN and I would like to play sacred online is it possible?
How you do it ?
Can you tell me step by step? Thank you.

Hi guys I'm looking for someone to play Saints Row 4 Game of The Century Edition with me. Thanks

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