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This is community for all the games which don't have their dedicated communities yet. Please share guides on how to join the games via Radmin VPN. You can share your servers, experience and ask for help. Join our discord server.

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I created a discord community. Everyone can join and play some PSP, PS2, Citra, online adhoc games with emulators and get to know people. We use Radmin usually. I created all the necessary tutorials. You don't need to open any ports. I've played Killzone liberation co-op with some guys. It was very smooth. If you interested join we can try many games

Gears of War

Anyone still plays coop and multiplayer in GOW  

Blur Hungary csatlakozz FB-n: Blur 2021

Helló! Egy barátommal annó estéket játszottunk át a BLUR-al. Radminon még most is toljuk, ha van kedved velünk nosztalgiázni, csatlakozz a Facebook csoportunkhoz, összehangoljuk óráinkat egy kis közös autózásra, agyonlőlekre. :D Hátha van még odakint valaki... A Csoport neve: Blur 2021

Blur community on FB: Blur 2021 (pw: 123456, but just join on FB!)

Me and my friend are still playing Blur on pc via radmin. Join us on Facebook and play with us! Every saturday ewenings? :)

New game server! World of Warcraft Shadowlands in Radmin Club!

World of Warcraft Shadowlands in Radmin Club!​
hey there! New server world of warcraft Shadow Moon available on ra admin!
For the connection to site & server you need install software - "ra admin vpn, download link here - > . Install it.
Next step: log in to ra admin vpn and search network, called "prmwow" password: 123Ma123 .
After that step you can log to site and create account.

Next step - download wow shadowlands clientand configure it: in file C:\Games\WOW\Shadowlands_retail_\WTF\ need replace this entries: SET portal "" to SET portal ""

Do you have questtions? Foolow us on this resources:
our forum:
our discord:
our client:



Server Name:
BLU-GAMES Isle of Siptah 2x

Map: Isle of Siptah PVP

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