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This is community for all the games which don't have their dedicated communities yet. Please share guides on how to join the games via Radmin VPN. You can share your servers, experience and ask for help. Join our discord server.

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VA Luna Online

i Started build Private server Luna online

  1. Network name : LUNA01
  2. Password           : luna123
  3. Discord               :


I started a Blur Lan server.

NAME: blurhungary
PASSWORD: 123456

rise of nations community

general lan discussions and gaming updates

Radmin VPN for Need For Speed Underground 2 LAN

Dear All,
after multiple tries, I'm writing you regarding some problems i've been encountering with my firends in trying to play NFSU2 using Radmin VPN.
While we've successfully played with Quake 3 Arena, we aren't able to make it work with NFU2.
I've edited the server.cnf file as requested, and I've opened at least 15 different UDP ports in the Router. Unfortunately, my friends can see the Lobby but can't connect to it.
Do you have any suggestions?

Moreover, when I try to connect to the Gaming Channels (both Quake3 and NFSU2), i see ppl connected and that I can ping, but, ingame, I can't find any Lobby.

Thanks for yout time and help!  

Join Us (Rimworld)

We play:
Rimworld 1.0 version and we also downloaded a lot of mods from rimworld mods website.

Join Us !

Black ops 3

Is Call of duty bblack ops 3 zombies working with radmin VPN ?. If it works tell me how to do it. I need to play Call of duty black ops 3 zombies with my friends. Please help me.
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