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This is community for all the games which don't have their dedicated communities yet. Please share guides on how to join the games via Radmin VPN. You can share your servers, experience and ask for help. Join our discord server.

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Black ops 3

Is Call of duty bblack ops 3 zombies working with radmin VPN ?. If it works tell me how to do it. I need to play Call of duty black ops 3 zombies with my friends. Please help me.

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Call of Duty WW2 with all DLC
Call of Duty BO2
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Battlefield 4
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FarCry2 Community

PLAYING FAR CRY 2 MultiPlayer:

Evolve has been shutdown (11/11/2018) so we're waiting for their new VPN (Bowstring) to test it.
Hamachi has also been filled so for the sake of new players and managing server, we move again.

For now we will play in Radmin.
1) Install Radmin VPN (
Like Hamachi: change the metric settings of Adapter to 1.

2) Change your Radmin VPN Alias to FC2-Username:
In Radmin menu, click System and then Change Name.
Enter your FarCry2 Username (same as in Discord, no clantag needed) and press Enter. Done!

3) Then join the following Radmin room:
Network name: Far Cry 2 Community
        Password: farcry2

Radmin/Discord FC2 Community Tutorial Movie:


Hey anyone one help me regarding CS GO multiplayer ?
I can't able to play with my friends.  plz help me.
tell  me the process .  how i connect with Rasmid vpn . I'm first time using it.

PS - I'm using cracked nosteam cs go.

Battle Realms

Join the public gaming network for Battle Realms: Winter Of The Wolf . Most of the remaining online community will be playing there as GameRanger no longer supports Win10 and LAN in old games.


Green dot at first, then a random disconnect and got changed to yellow dot(relayed tunnel)

Hi, I installed Radmin VPN for the first time yesterday and everything worked smooth and fine for like 2 hours. Only 1 friend of mine was connected to me and we were on direct tunnel and pinging each other for 34-38 ms.

After 2 hours use, my friend randomly starts lagging and disconnects from the session. When he reconnects back, the direct tunnel is gone. I don't know what changed that we lost our direct connection. The relayed tunnel are on pings of 198-200ms and is making a big difference. Any help on how to achieve direct tunneling again would be great.

We tried turning off the firewall/antivirus, but it didn't work.
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