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Hey anyone one help me regarding CS GO multiplayer ?
I can't able to play with my friends.  plz help me.
tell  me the process .  how i connect with Rasmid vpn . I'm first time using it.

PS - I'm using cracked nosteam cs go.

Battle Realms

Join the public gaming network for Battle Realms: Winter Of The Wolf . Most of the remaining online community will be playing there as GameRanger no longer supports Win10 and LAN in old games.


Green dot at first, then a random disconnect and got changed to yellow dot(relayed tunnel)

Hi, I installed Radmin VPN for the first time yesterday and everything worked smooth and fine for like 2 hours. Only 1 friend of mine was connected to me and we were on direct tunnel and pinging each other for 34-38 ms.

After 2 hours use, my friend randomly starts lagging and disconnects from the session. When he reconnects back, the direct tunnel is gone. I don't know what changed that we lost our direct connection. The relayed tunnel are on pings of 198-200ms and is making a big difference. Any help on how to achieve direct tunneling again would be great.

We tried turning off the firewall/antivirus, but it didn't work.

civ 5 error joining multiplayer session

Hello when i want play in civ 5 i see in lobby server but when i clciking join game there is error joining multiplayer sesion how to fix this?

Battlefield 5 multiplayer?

Does any body try to play multiplayer battlefield 5 crack cpy using radmin vpn?

Remnant: From the Ashes

Alright boys if any1 wants to play with me you can add me on skype and we go from there.
I am starting with this game i mean i played like 2 days now, so i am pretty new to it aswell. +2 Players and we can play together.

My skype is: jimi.hendrix127

Add me if you want to play.
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