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This is community for all the games which don't have their dedicated communities yet. Please share guides on how to join the games via Radmin VPN. You can share your servers, experience and ask for help. Join our discord server.

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Resident Evil how to play in LAN for free

This guide is for players, who want to set up Resident Evil 5 coop for free in LAN both for Steam and non-Steam versions.

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Splinter Cell Conviction

Hello there, me and my friend have been trying for hours to play SC Convection co-op campaign but no luck also there's a SC convection server on Radmin so I wonder if they can play together and if they can so how can me and my friend do it?

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So i decided to create a new project for all the NHL FANS. It's one of the best NHL games ever made. We can play this online with special made version. So come join our discord all the instructions are there.

F1 2013

Is somebody still playing F 2013 or 2014 with Radmin through the LAN ??

Green Hell

I want to make a Green Hell Server Network Game

Little Hope

Hello There!

Can anyone explain me how can I play at "The Dark Pictures Anthology - Little Hope" with friends on a multyplayer online customized net?
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