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NANOWARS 1.10 is standalone (is mean you NOT need Crysis 2 game instaled) mod !!!!
Its first person shooter game from near future. NanoWars1.10  standalone mod is based on the beta preleased Crysis 2 game hence have some little bugs but is full playable. This prereleased Crysis 2 game have native support LAN network. Later official release of Crysis 2 have not him.

Mod NanoWars 1.10 is very, very similar game Crysis 2, but wide this game about new weapons and maps and many other things which has been not in original Crysis 2 game. Example: The Bow which is like fr om Crysis 3 and some maps as well.
Here you can see real videos from game to have imagine more about game:
Introducing video:
Gameplay videos:
Video which show you some weapons fr om game:


After download main game DVD, you have to download also patch 1.10. (Ver. 1.10)

So you will download 2 files:
Crysis 2 NanoWars DVD.iso
NanoWars Upd ate 1.10 Halloween 2021.exe (Patch 1.10 instalator have by default set wrong way to install. Hence you have to set manualy way for instalation of patch 1.10 to main folder directory of game NanoWARS !!)

If you start instalation Crysis 2 NanoWars DVD.iso will appear tab wh ere will asking for install location on your HDD wh ere you want game install.
NEVER install game to Program files destination !! Create new folder any name and install game there.

B) Install game and patch (patch 1.10 install to the main folder of game) and finaly, on desctop will 3 icons NanoWARS Launch, NanoPatch and  Controls Tools.  Controls Tools its mean use him if you not like original keyboard characters to set in game. In further text im describe in details how to do.

Instalation video below for NanoWARS by NanoH3RK  
Note: In instaltion video you can, after install main game, also watch instalation of patch 1.09. Dont worry process installation of latest game patch 1.10 is absolutely the same.


Start RADMIN. Download if you already have not him:
Go to network, connect to existing network, connect to public gaming network called

  Crysis 2

Or created you own private network in Radmin and post your name and pasword on Radmin Club pages or any other your favorite social pages.

NanoWARS Launch icon on desctop

Thats all, Play game - connect or cre ate     server in Radmin or your any other favorite VPN.

You can join here comunity in Telegram.
Telegram group: Crysis 2 / NanoWARS

You can join here comunity in Discord - NanoWars/Crysis 2:

Facebook comunnity:


Detail - information if you need:

After install are appear on the desctop 3 icons.

1) Icon ,,NanoPatch,, - Not work, you can delete this icon.

Time from time you can check official NanoWars page  
if there not new upd ate available. In 19.5.2023 is there upd ate 1.10.
Download him and left mouse double left mouse click on download file called: NanoWars Upd ate 1.10 Halloween 2021.exe. Install directory directly to navigate to main root of directory the game wh ere you instaled NanoWars mod.

2) Icon ,,Controls Tools,,.

You cannot se t any keyboard characters in main menu of game. So if you will not like the default se t keboard charakter/s in game you will ave to use ,,Controls tool,,(fastest way and safe). Control tools.exe you can find in main root of game directory (you can also, if you want, delete this icon from our desctop and always if you need to start new config your keyboard directly with double left mouse click on ,,Control tools.exe,, in main root of directory the game). Simply start him from icon or doubleclick on him by mouse button and folow seting instructions from appeared tab (Windows Command). Program Controls Tools not support vehicles characters setting. So you can use default se t this characters in game, or you self find out the commands for vehicles if you need, and you skilled. Im found them.
Note: Be beware set the same keyboard characters in different section it can do conflict! So think about it if you hand map characters!
In main directory of instaled game is picture called ,,Controls Tool Input Guide.jpg,,. If you open him you can see the name of keyboard characters whole keyboard. This parametres you can use for set your new keyboard characters in Controls tool.

If you love you play game via joypad controler as Logitech/Xbox contorller and dont like your NanoWars default joypad settings? No problem, here is program Xpadder. With him to play any your favorite game including NanoWars. Simply do your layout, map there on your joystick/joypad any keyboard characters. Assign to him crysis2.exe, let Xpadder on, and  start game NanoWars. In game during play will work exacly the same characters of keyboard as you mapped for the joypad/joystick buttons. Download here :!v2dC82aLAACX/xpadder-5-7-2010-06-03-portable-rar
Note: For win 8/8.1/10 you need go to explorer and right click on ,,Xpadder.exe,, and click on ,,Properties,, and after click on ,,Compatibility,, and choose there Windowws 7. Click ,,USE,, and OK,, Start program...

3) Icon ,,NanoWARS Launch,,.

Use for start game.

Tip: Recomended if you start game first time to create your own profile in game and dont using the default profile which is there set. Use you own create profile/s always when you start game.



Join in radmin public room called EXACTLY:


    Crysis 2

After im joined Crysis 2 network in Radmin and start game Nanowars first time Im played there with strangers which im never have seen before and they also used game NanoWars, and game has not conflict. So all working like sharm. And network room Crysis 2 in Radmin is derectly set for NanoWars mod.

You can create your Listen server directly in game. You can there set any parametres of your game directly in main menu of game. All very easily.

Dedicated server:

Hosting dedicated server NanoWars via Radmin is very easy.
Simply you can read the text file called: DEDICATED_SERVER_README_FIRST.TXT which you can find in main directory of game. Open him and there are all instructions written by easy way what to do. Config him with two files called: server.cfg, and levelrotation.xml, they are also available in main directory of game. You can start finaly your server via left mouse double click on file called: server.bat, or file called: Rconnect.exe in main directory of game. You can make icon from him/them on destop if you want.

Note: If you start dedicated server via ,,Rconnect.exe,, you will have lots of posibilities to config server before start. BUT in menu of Rconnect program DONT Use the Anticheat by H3RK !!. If you tick the Anticheat active, players which using numpad for normal play will kicked from game. Are lots of players which using numpad or arrows keyaboard characters for play games and for them will play on server with turn on this anticheat unplayable. Not help to configure Anticheat.cfg because if game start will file overwritten by default. And if you mark the file  for,,reading only,, will anticheat stoped work at all. So using this anticheat by H3RK havent sense. and making problems for players.

Note2: If you start dedicated server via ,,server.bat,, file it will also start FeRcon.exe file (FeRcon v0.3 beta2). You will have lots of posibilities to config your server.


Knowing bugs:
NanoWars stand alone game mod is stable and 100%  playable but Sometimes if you click on ,,Quit,, in main menu of game,  game will not terminate. Use Ctrl+Alt+Delete (game dont like combination  Alt+Tab (even you activate this posibility in game), as for me not work  and game freezed), and terminate there Crysis2 aplication. Game will by  this step end. This vill not harm your personal saves in game because  all is saved before you clicked on ,,Quit,, in menu of game.
If you  need during play to go desctop dont use the Alt+Tab. First use Alt+Enter  (it will transformed your game from ,,Fullscreen,, mode to ,,Windowed,,  mode. And them use Alt+Esc. If you do it your game will not crash when  you will need to look on desctop during play of game. BUT you can fix if  very easily by this program Borderless Gaming.
Download here:    How to use: Install Borderless Gaming, but not start him. Start Crysis 2 -  NanoWars, then go desctop and start Borderless Gaming program and from  left tab by arrow to put Crysis 2 to right side tab. Thats all. Stay ON  the program Borderless Gaming and restart game. Then will always, after  start game, during fews second automaticly change your game to Fulscreen  mode with all abilities like Windowed mode.

Last bug: If you play team games in server, not depend if dedicated or listen, you not see self and other players if you are connected to server. But you and all are connected well and you playing with them. All working, only you not see in tab that you are connected to server.

Unfortunately during more then 10 years (which Im carefuly watching news about this mod and testing), creators of this NanoWars mod this last bug Im named as last above couldnt fix it.  Its shame, despite of fact that on any no team deathmatch woking all good.
Maybe someone talented will finaly fix it in future.



NanoWars is only one way how to play stable, and similar game to Crysis 2 in the world, via LAN. And for free.
Game work on any computer which has been bought like better average PC, or notebook 13-15 years ago. Its mean in present will game work for almost everybody if you not will turn on additional graphic options.

Its AAA Class standalone mod - At least you should be try NanoWARS game. Its very good and play is very fun.

PS: Who want play with me write me in comment any contact and we can play.
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