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I want to find players for R6:S. I using release version and Radmin VPN.

How put a new game on net gaming

hello i make a RPG game online Darkwaronline now on steam
I want put the option Darkwaronline on open net gaming...


I have and office where all my computers
are connected by lan.
how do I connect to same lan with my external
computer without portforwarding?

Radmin vpn not pinging my local ip

My both computers on different network are connected
on radmin vpn,  I can ping the radmin generated IP
but cant ping my local IP of
please what will I do?

Problem with conexion

Hello i have my lan in my work, the lan is

isp router

firewall untangle.


install in 2 computers radmivpn, the status is green,
pc1, pc2,

when i try to ping to pc2 from pc1 , the ping work i can open shared folders.

but in my home, install radmi , login in my network created, look a pc1 and pc2 , the conexion is green, but i try to ping , but dont work.
i connect with teamviewer pc1 and pc2 work ping .

i open port 4899, but i can make work ...

thanks for your help

Can i change my IP?

Hey, can i change my IP? Theres a registry-path with ip4 and ip6.
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