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Resident Evil 5 - How to play LAN with Radmin Using GFWL version of the game

In this guide I will be telling you how to play Resident Evil 5, on LAN using Radmin VPN.

PLEASE NOTE: This guide is for the GFWL (Games For Windows Live) version of the game , which means this will NOT work on the Steam version of Resident Evil 5.

Installing the game and setting up the GFWL

Step 1.

Download the game from here and install it

Step 2.

Download GFWL setup from here, and install the "gfwlivesetup.exe" ( You don't need to install anything else from the .zip)

Step 3.

Go to the game folder , and delete "XLive.dll" and "xlive.ini" files

Step 4.

Press the Windows key on your keyboard , and type "Network and Sharing center" , then go to "Change Adapter Settings"

Once you get there , remember, or copy the name of the Radmin VPN adapter , you will need it for the next step. (It should be called Radmin VPN by default)

Step 5.

Press the Windows key on your keyboard, and type "Regedit"

And then follow this path of folders: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\Software\Microsoft\XLive

Once you're there, Right click on the right side , then sel ect "New" and then "String Value"

Name the new file "ConnectionOverride" then double click it. Then in the "Value name" box type the adapter name for the Radmin VPN fr om Step 4 (In this case the name is "Radmin VPN") and then click "OK".

Step 6.

Start the game using "Launcher.exe" then choose your prefered DirectX method. Once in the game , hit the "Home" key on your keyboard ,which will open up the LIVE interface.

Click Done in the first window

Then Click "No, Don't participate"

Then click "Create New Profile"

After that Scroll Down, and click "create a local profile"

Input your prefered nickname in the field

Click "Submit" and then "Done" in the next window, and you should have your local profile

After creating the profile, close the overlay, then open it up again with the "Home" key, go to "Settings"

Then Network information

And if you have done Step 5 Correctly , the "Network Adapter" should match your Radmin VPN name , and should also match your Radmin VPN IP

Hosting The Game

Go to "New game" Or "Chapter Select"

Chose a difficulty

And Make sure that the "COOP Settings are set to "No Limits"

Then click "Start Game" and your server will be Hosted

Joining a server

Click Join Game

Then chose Either Quick Match or a Custom match (It doesn't really matter which) and then join the server by simply clicking on it


Q. I installed GFWL setup from Step 2, but the interface doesn't open up in the game, what should I do? I am on Windows 10.
A. For some reason Windows 10 doesn't fully install the Windows Live interface, which is why you gotta run it compatibility mode on Windows 7.
Go to your "Programs and Features" after clicking the Windows button, then remove these two programs:

Then follow step 2, but instead of double clicking the setup, right click on it , "Properties" , go to "Compatibility" tab, and make sure it runs on "Windows 7"

Q. I don't see my friend's server, what should I do?
A. If you still don't see someone hosting, they might have their Firewall on. Disabling it should make the server visible. Otherwise , please follow the steps.

Q.I joined a Radmin VPN gaming network for "Resident Evil 5", with 27 users in it , but I still don't see any servers? How can I fix it?
A.Only because there are users in the network , doesn't mean everybody's hosting. Do keep in mind that servers that are full will never show up in the list. The other reason might be because there are users who are using the "Steam" version of the game, and those servers you wouldn't be able to view with the Live version of the game. If you want to play with your friends, they should follow this guide.
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