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Change IP on device

Just downloaded Advanced IP Scanner. I really like it.
Is it possible to change a device IP?   What about making an IP static?
If not can anyone recommend a simple program?

I have T Mobile internet.  It is very limited to what you can do.  Can't even see the devices on the internet.

I added a router and that solved the problem but it had a different IP address and it just screwed up the network at times.
I finally just removed the router and went to a switch. That performed well but I can't change IP  or make dedicated ips.
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Could you provide more information about what you want to do?
I would like to set up static ip address on my network.. The problem is that My modem/router doesn't have a way to do that unlike other routers.
Is there a program that can set up static ip addresses or it just routers that can?

You need to set it up on your PC or router. There is no way to do this in Advanced IP Scanner.
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