C&C: Generals - Zero Hour How to play in LAN online with Radmin VPN


  1. Install Radmin VPN
  2. Create your Network by clicking on a "Create Network". Set up Network name and Password
  3. Share network name and password with your friends. 
  4. Your friends need to join your network by clicking on a "Join Network" in Radmin VPN.
  5. Make sure that you all are in the same Radmin VPN network, have the same C&C: Generals version.
  6. Go to Options from the main menu and check, that Online IP and LAN IP is the same as IP in Radmin VPN - starting with 26

Here is also a guide on how to create and manage the network.

How to create server in LAN for C&C: Generals - Zero Hour online

  1. Go to Multiplayer -> LAN
  2. Press "Create game"
  3. Wait till players join your lobby, when they join their names will appear in the list.
  4. After press Play Game

How to join the server in LAN C&C: Generals - Zero Hour online

  1. Make sure you did all the steps in Setup section
  2. In the game go to Multiplayer menu from the Main menu
  3. Then to LAN
  4. Here you should see the lobbies created by hosts, join the one you like 
  5. Press Accept and wait till the lobby creator will start the game

How to find teammates for coop online

You can join gaming networks in Radmin VPN and join available lobbies
Also you can join our Discord Server and find teammates there.


  1. Make sure that you are in the same Radmin VPN network and have the same game version
  2. Try to turn off firewall and connect