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InternetReadFile failed

Is anyone else getting an error when trying to activate a new installation of Radmin Sever 3.5.2? Last time this happened, there was a database issue on Famatech's end. I need to see if this is the case again or if something change on our end that needs to be fixed. Thank You, Chris

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08/09/2021 10:05:47

1. Make sure that is reachable fr om that PC wh ere you want to get activation.
2. Make sure that you use a proper license key, it should start with RADPR.
3. Make sure there is no spaces and other symbols in license key field when you enter it.
4. Make sure that the request file was created on the PC where you want to activate Radmin Server.

you can also try to activate manually
08/20/2021 16:14:57
We started getting this too and it was because our Firewall was blocking the activation traffic. It identified it as a threat under the description "DrayTek Vigor Stack Buffer Overflow Vulnerability" .

CVE is here
This came out 7/29 I believe this year. - not sure what the connection is with Radmin and DrayTek if anything but until this is mitigated/resolved we are having to activate manually .
08/20/2021 16:15:57
Also described in technical detail here :
08/20/2021 16:26:32
Thank You. I assumed the firewall had something to do with it. I've created a ticket with our Information Security team to see if they will allow the activation traffic so we no longer have to do the manual activation as a workaround.  
08/20/2021 16:56:36
Our security team wont open it up since its marked as 'threat' so until Famatech resolves it on their end we have to continue to do manual. Good luck !
08/23/2021 18:06:33

What program do you use? There might be a false positive case, so we`ll send a report.

09/21/2021 12:22:47
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