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Radmin Viewer Broken

As of 5:00am MST this morning, I have been unable to connect to the remote computer I access to manage an ongoing business in our community.  Nothing on my system, nor the system I access has changed since it was last accessed yesterday.

Now when attempting to connect to the remote system, the system I am connecting to shows that I have connected however on the system I am connecting with Radmin Viewer simply hangs on the loading/Splash image, and does not bring up the remote view.

Searching for a way to solve this has lead me here and given me no solution as of yet.
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02/09/2021 12:36:25

Could you send a screenshot of this loading/Splash image?
02/09/2021 16:15:45
02/09/2021 16:30:00
It is simply the small image of two computer screens with blue background that usually shows for a short time while connecting to the remote system.I tried attaching image but ended up with a mess of text.  I don't know if it will turn into the image eventually, but the image was there when I clicked to post reply.
02/15/2021 11:34:30

1. Check if there is a monitor connected to the remote PC.
2. Install the latest version of Radmin Server and Viewer.
3. Update all drivers on the remote PC.
4. Try this
02/20/2021 02:15:22
Hey all, thanks so much for the tips and information.  Multiple re-installs did not fix the issue, however a recent windows update did.  For the record, the windows update that fixed the issue was on the system I was trying to access.  It had already been updated to Windows 20H2 (which is when the issue began) and within days of that (after multiple reinstalls of both the Radmin Server software and our remote access Radmin Viewer software), a cumulative update which took about 10 minutes to download and apply that included a "Security Update" and a ".net Framework Update" hit the machine we have been trying to connect to, and following the restart of the system, everything was back to normal.  

Kind of a pain for running a business that is relying on software we paid for that has been having a recurring bug like this since 2013.
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