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How to start working from home during the Coronavirus outbreak. Free software setup

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Here we will describe a free and secure way to work remotely on your office computer.

 This solution will be based on a free Radmin VPN and  30-day free full-function trial of Radmin software.

Office PC setup

1.   Install on your Office Computer Radmin VPN  and Radmin Server.

2.   Create a network in Radmin VPN.
            a. Press “Create network” button

            b. Set up the network name and choose a secure password. Remember them. For security reasons, we don’t store any passwords.

 3.      Now it’s time to set up access rights. On your Office Computer right-click on the Radmin Server icon.JPG tray icon    and choose “Settings for Radmin Server”

                   a.  Press “Permissions …”
                   b. then "Permissions" again


                 c. Add user


                 d. Set up a username and password. Remember these as well,  we do not store passwords for security reasons

              e. Set up the permissions you want to grant yourself. You can set up
                  multiple users with different access rights if you need that.

                        Access rights.JPG                                          

Access modes you'll need to work distantly:

  • Remote screen control - full access to mouse and keyboard

  • File transfer - to transfer files to and from a remote computer

After setting up the access rights press ok in all of the Radmin open windows and in the last one press “Exit” to leave the Settings windows.

It’s important to leave your PC working if you want to access it from home. Radmin VPN and Radmin Server should be running.

Now it’s all set up to access your Office Computer from home.

Home PC setup

4.    Install  Radmin VPN on your Home computer.              

5.    Open Radmin VPN on your Home Computer and press “Join Network”                                                                                                                                                                      

6. Enter the first pair of Network name and password, that you’ve created in 3c.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              3.JPG  

7. Now both of your computers are in the same local network. You should see your Office Computer in the network.                                                                                                                   9.JPG

8. Double click on your Office Computer name and enter the 2nd pair of credentials, that you’ve created in 4d            

You’ve connected to your Office PC!

Here is brief Radmin Viewer interface overview

Comments 1
The software came highly recommended to me by a work colleague. This was my first time working with server and VPN software but Radmin made me look like a Pro. The Radmin products work superbly together and setup was easy. Only having to pay a low, one time fee for one piece of software (the server software) and getting the viewer and VPN software for free just added to the awesomeness of this product. Everything set up quickly. The instructions along with the 30 day free trial of the server software gave me adequate time to troubleshoot and get familiar with all 3 pieces of the software. I did have a little trouble retrieving the activation key However, the support team was prompt, responsive, timely and courteous in getting it out to me through e-mail after the first support request. Thanks for a job well done with software and support.


Radmin support personnel
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