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RAdmin Window Crashing

We have had a user who is constantly having her Radmin window closing on her automatically.

This has happened over the past year.

Has anyone ever experienced this before If so, what was the fix?
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1. In what program did this error appear?

2. Did you get any errors when this application was closed?
Me, too. Call support seems don't work, because the program just stuck and then close. This kind of situation almost drive me crazy.
Hello. Check your internet. Perhaps some other software is overloading the network due to which breaks occur.
Only message I got, but nothing I can do. Just repeat crash every day.

2021.07.19 15:37:41.416    INFO    Failed to connect to 41967767/'DESKTOP-NKQMIPD' (node offline)2021.07.19 15:38:17.566    INFO    Connected to 41967767/'DESKTOP-NKQMIPD' via TCP/incoming
2021.07.19 16:36:27.835    INFO    Node 47946985/'NB-DELL-YCYANG' disconnected
2021.07.19 16:37:28.684    INFO    Connected to 47946985/'NB-DELL-YCYANG' via TCP/incoming
2021.07.19 16:43:15.378    INFO    Node 47946985/'NB-DELL-YCYANG' disconnected
2021.07.19 17:28:58.541    INFO    Connected to 47946985/'NB-DELL-YCYANG' via TCP/incoming
2021.07.19 17:42:01.080    INFO    Node 47946985/'NB-DELL-YCYANG' disconnected
2021.07.19 19:27:57.442    INFO    Channel to 41967767/'DESKTOP-NKQMIPD' is replaced by TcpRelay/incoming
2021.07.19 19:27:57.751    INFO    Channel to 41967767/'DESKTOP-NKQMIPD' is replaced by UDP/incoming
2021.07.20 01:19:13.835    INFO    Node 41967767/'DESKTOP-NKQMIPD' disconnected. Error: 0x60000000b
2021.07.20 01:19:14.180    INFO    Virtual network adapter removed/disabled
2021.07.20 09:09:16.684    INFO    Disconnected from server(code:4)

2021.07.20 09:09:16.715    WARNING    Failed to connect to 41967767/'DESKTOP-NKQMIPD' (error: 0x7000003f0)

Why did you try to disable network adapter?
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