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Guide for Radmin VPN networks' admin


  1. network creation
  2. admin rights
  3. approving peers
  4. leaving network as admin
  5. preserving admin rights in case of PC change or Windows reinstallation

Network creation:

1)  Go to Network -> Create new network


2) Set up network name and password, then share it with your friends

If you check the box "Allow sending connect requests without password"  then more people can connect to your network just using the Network name and you will need to approve them to join the network fully.

Admin rights

So now you have a network and you automatically become the one and only admin.

That means that you can:

  • delete the network,
  • approve peers who connect without a password,
  • remove peers from the network
You can delegate you admin rights if it's needed by right-clicking on a person nickname and choosing "Grant admin rights"
grant admin rights.png

Approving peers

If user is connecting to your network without password (if your network is named after a popular game or applicant misspelled the password) it'll appear in the network with this indicator   . If you want to approve this applicant you need to right click on the user name and choose "Approve joining" or choose "Remove node from network" if you don't want for user to join.

Node Applicant_approve joining2.png

Leaving the network as admin.

To leave the network you need to delegate admin rights - right click on the user in the Network -> Grant admin rights.
If you will decide to join the network again admin rights will not come back to you.

How to preserve admin rights if you've switched PC or reinstalled Windows.

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Comments 3
how do I delete the network if my original admin computer is gone and I never granted admin rights to anyone else?

Unfortunately, there is no way to delete network in this case.
Why after 10  to 15 min it get disconnected and if I will try to ping my friends, it shows ping request time out.
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