Factorio LAN: how to play with friends

With this guide you will be able to set up Factorio to play with your friends like in local network.

Radmin VPN setup

To create connection between you and your friend you'll need a special software in this guide we'll use Radmin VPN
  1. Download Radmin VPN
  2. In Radmin VPN go to
    Network -> Join existing network -> Gaming network tab
    or you can create your own private network and invite your teammates
  3. Make sure Radmin VPN will work smoothly by setting up your firewall

Factorio setup

How to host the game

Go to Play -> Multiplayer -> "New game" for the first game or "Load game" if you've played before.
Click "Generate" and "Play"

How to join the game

Play -> Multiplayer -> Connect to game
Copy  host's IP address

and paste it here 

How to find people to play with

Join Radmin VPN Discord server 
Or follow the link to join Factorio Discord chat  


If you can't see your friends or any servers in the game:

  1. make sure you all have the same game version
  2. make sure you did all the steps in the instruction above
  3. set up your firewall
  4. if you're getting some errors with Radmin VPN here are the solutions to most of the errors

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