Red Alert 3 - Play co-op over LAN with friends

Step 1: Install Radmin VPN and create a network
Download and install Radmin VPN. In the main Radmin VPN window, click "Create Network". 

Enter the network name, password and click "Create".

Step 2: Ask your friends to join the network
Send your friends the name of the Radmin VPN network and the password.

To join to this network in the main Radmin VPN window, click "Join Network". Enter the Network Name and Password and click "Join".

Make sure you and your friends are on the same network.

Step 3: Сlose Red Alert 3 if it is running!

Step 4: Install Co-op LAN patch
Extract Ra3LanCoop.rar to the Red Alert 3 installation folder.

Extract and rebuild the campaign maps into a format suitable for the local network using the homemade map extraction utility, which should now be located in "\MapExtractor\MapExtractor.exe".

Step 4: Run RA3
Run RA3 using "RA3Coop.exe". This program allows you to select the version of the game to run, a different language, configuration and enable/disable window mode.

In-game, do not use the LAN menu for AI co-op campaign games, use the Skirmish menu instead.

Please note:
- The game sometimes crashes when you try to return to the main menu from the game or when you win/lose a mission.
- Black textures occur (mostly) only with game version 1.0. Please update it to 1.03 or 1.04.

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