Battle Realms how to play with friends. Multiplayer setup

General setup

  1. Make sure you have the same version of Don't Starve Together!
  2. Download and install Radmin VPN
  3. Create a network in Radmin VPN and share network name and password with people you want to play with.
    This is quite intuitive, but if you facing some issues or want to know more about Radmin VPN network administration here is the guide.
  4. Or you can join Gaming Networks in Radmin VPN: go to Network -> Join and existing network -> Choose tab Gaming Networks

How to set up a multiplayer server in Battle Realms

1. From the main Menu go to Multiplayer -> LAN 
2. If you've set up LAN network correctly and somebody hosts a game you should see them in the top part of the screen:

3. Just click on it and  you'll be connected to the game.


If you can't see your friends or any servers in the game:

  1. make sure you all have the same game version
  2. make sure you did all the steps in the instruction above
  3. set up your firewall
  4. if you're getting some errors with Radmin VPN here are the solutions to most of the errors

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