Rainbow Six Siege how to play multiplayer LAN

Overall setup


Make sure you all have the same game version


Install Radmin VPN
Join the same network, gaming or private

How to create Rainbow Six Siege server

Go to Play -> Multiplayer -> Custom game -> Local->

Create -> New playlist -> Name playlist

How to join Rainbow Six Siege server

Play -> Multiplayer -> Custom game -> Local -> Join

How to find teammates

You can find partners to play in gaming networks in Radmin VPN

Also Radmin VPN Discord Server has Rainbow 6 Siege section in it
Players organize their servers and communities:
LAN Party Discord


  1. make sure you all have the same game version
  2. make sure you did all the steps in the instruction above
  3. try to turn off firewall, if it helped - add the game to the firewall exceptions:
  • Click "Start" then "Connections" then "show all connections"
  • Double-click your Internet connection, and then click "Properties", then "Advanced", then "Settings ..." (Windows firewall), then click "Exceptions

    You must have the file "War3" and the file "Warcraft III" listed as exceptions
  • To do so, via the "exceptions" menu, click on "Add a Program", double-click on Warcraft III if it is not already in the list of exceptions.
  • Next click on "browse", then look after the directory where you installed open the folder and double-click the file "War3" then "OK".
4. If you're getting some errors with Radmin VPN here are the solutions to most of them

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