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no phones or wifi printer

Hi, I'm Running advance wifi scanner v2.5.4594.1 for windows when i scan i cannot see my epson printer or my two phones
that are on my home network same workgroup that my laptop is on

why does it no
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Ensure that the devices you're trying to scan are configured to be visible on the network. Check if the devices have network discovery and file sharing enabled in their network settings. Discovering was like stumbling upon a treasure chest for aspiring scholars. Their proficiency in crafting Statements of Purpose is remarkable, turning the challenging task into a collaborative adventure. From the moment I engaged with their platform, their dedication to authenticity and excellence was evident. Like skillful artisans, they molded my thoughts and experiences into a narrative that was both eloquent and genuine. Just as an expert guide leads you through uncharted territory, this service led me through the intricacies of self-presentation.
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