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What Version of the game?

When i join the rainbow vpn server of radmin and i go ingame i dont find any games to join, i want to ask which version you guys are playing of rainbow on the vpn server?
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06/07/2020 04:16:28
Seriously why has noone answered this question,Radmin seems like an awesome thing noone is useing, am i having a version issue? i guess noone cares for now.
06/09/2020 13:23:28

1. You need to open ports that the game you`re playing in is using on your local PC to establish connection.
2. Try to change metric of Radmin VPN adapter. Firstly, set it to 1. If it didn`t help, set it to 1500 or to the max value.
03/17/2021 18:45:29
Try to understand our query first.

My Case :
Company of Heroes 1 has multiple versions like v2.602, etc.
No one version supports hosting or joining or even showing hosted games from another version.
I have v2.602 installed which is a pretty standard version in this realm.
But I am unable to see Any hosted game whilst I am in the RadminVPN Game Network of 'Company of Heroes : Tales of Valor'.

To see if all is set up correctly, I set up same game versions on my 2 different laptops, connected them to internet one using Cable Broadband, the other using Mobile Internet Connection.

RadminVPN Game Network shows us both. If one hosts a game, the other can see and join. Ping value is appropriate when joining from different networks.

So, now tell me why is that I can see no other hosted game even with the Game Network having so many users joined?

The only technically viable question remains :

What version do they play which keeps me from seeing and joining their hosted games?

A person may have multiple versions of the same game installed on the same machine.

I ask RadminVPN to add a simple textbox with manual input from the user joining the network to specify exactly which game version's' they have on their machine.

And please, try to solve my issue ASAP.
03/18/2021 19:04:34

You need to check firewall settings on the local and remote PC. It might block ports that this game is using to establish connection.
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