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Borderlands 3 Coop via VPN (on Windows)

How to play Borderlands 3 co-op
Software (host):
  1. Install Borderlands 3.
  2. Install Radmin VPN or any other VPN (guide talks about Radmin VPN, instructions may be different if you use other VPN client).
  3. Create your Network by clicking on a "Create Network". Set up Network name and Password.
    As alternative, you can use public gaming networks (Gaming Network section).
  4. Share network name and password (server name if you use public network) with your friends.
  5. Make sure that you all are in the same network.

Software (other people):
  1. Install same version of Borderlands 3 as host.
  2. Install VPN.
  3. Join to network by clicking "Join Network" and use network name and password shared by host.
    If you use public network, go to "Gaming Network" and use search to find same server host joined to.
Hosting game in Borderlands 3:
  1. Launch game.
  2. Go to privacy settings and choose "LAN".
  3. Go to game as one of your characters.
Joining game in Borderlands 3:
  1. Launch game and go into "Social" menu.
  2. Open server list (LAN browser).
  3. Join host's server.
What if I don't see any game in any network?
There can be several reasons:
  • Ports are closed
    1. Open "C:\Windows\System32\WF.msc".
    2. Go to "Inbound rules".
    3. Press "New Rule...".
    4. Set rule type "Program" and press Next.
    5. Set path to Borderlands 3 executable ("Borderlands 3.exe") and press Next.
    6. Set action to "Allow the connection", press Next.
    7. Set all checkboxes enabled and press Next.
    8. Set name for rule and press Finish.
    9. Go to "Outbound Rules" and repeat steps 3-8.
  • Borderlands 3 uses your internet connection instead of VPN
    1. Download ForceBindIP (install if you download installer, unzip if you download portable edition).
    2. Create new link:
      • Set "Target:" "path to program\ForceBindIP.exe  RadminVPN IP
        "  path to game\Borderlands.exe"
      • Set "Start in:" " "path to game executable" ".
  • IPv6 is messing with connection
    1. Open Windows settings.
    2. Go to "Network & Internet".
    3. Go to "Change adapter options".
    4. Right-click on "Radmin VPN" adapter and go to "Properties".
    5. Find "IP version 6" ("IPv6") and unmark it.
  • Q: I can't connect to host's game (on unlicensed copy)
    A: Open game's folder, find steam_emu.ini (usually in ...\Borderlands 3\Engine\Binaries\ThirdParty\steamworks\steamv147\win64) and change Offline from 0 to 1 and BlockConnection from 1 to 0.
  • Q: I want to change name on unlicensed copy
    A: Open steam_emu.ini and change UserName property
  • Q: Can different people be VPN host and ingame host?
    A: Yes,
  • Q: Are there any requirements for host(s)?
    A: For VPN - no, for game - some versions (specially unlicensed one) can be unstable on some computers so it is better for person with less crashes to be host
If you had any problem, know solution and think that anybody could have same problem, feel free to leave comment
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